PSA: STOP Manhandling the Disney Ducks!

Disney ducks
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It is absurd that this even needs to be addressed!

As most people probably know, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are both home to various wildlife. When you visit one of the Disney Parks, there is a strong chance of encountering one or more of these Disney critters. The squirrels, ducks, cats, alligators, and even coyotes have become coincidental celebrities within the Resorts.

Disney World Changes

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Springtime Brings Adorable Baby Animals and Horrendous Guests

As spring comes around, Guests of Disney are able to see the circle of life at its most precious. Every year, ducklings take over the Disney Parks and spread massive joy and cuteness. Understandably, fans love these adorable ducklings and want to capture photos or videos of them waddling throughout the Parks.

However, some Guests are known to take interactions with the ducks way too far. 

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Disney ducks

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Guests have shared some horrifying stories of Disneyland Resort Guests harassing and even touching these baby animals. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable, and many fans are rightfully upset. One Guest shares a shocking story, saying;

“It’s a shame people won’t leave them alone. I saw full-grown adults chasing some of the ducks last trip.”

Another responds;

“I feel you. Went on a trip years ago and I saw some family grab some ducklings and hand them to their young kids.

Ran to get cast member but by the time we got back they were gone and the ducks were in the Rivers of America.

So many people roll into Disney and forget the animals aren’t all animatronic.”

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Respecting Nature at Disney

The reality of the situation is that Guests are treating wild animals like they are part of a Disney movie. In reality, these animals are not meant to interact with humans in any intimate way. While they are adorable, they need space and privacy in order to adapt to the wild.

Many of the comments express that a lot of the time, it is young, well-meaning children who are trying to touch and play with these ducks. In that case, it is the job of the Parent to control their children’s eager hands.

Hopefully, this behavior will come to an immediate and permanent end. The ducks are currently being escorted by Cast Members to help keep them safe from Guests and vehicles. Let’s save the hugs and up-close photo opportunities for Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

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