Guests SHOCKED to See Stray HORSE on Disney Park Property

horse at Disney
Credit: Disney / Canva Art

Recently, there has been quite a lot of public attention on the animal creatures that call the Disney Parks home; and we’re not talking about Animal Kingdom!

Every year during springtime, families of Ducks and their baby ducklings call both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort their home. It is absolutely adorable to see nature roam free throughout the Parks, and Cast Members take the safety of these ducks very seriously. In fact, Cast Members even stopped an entire parade at Disneyland Park to ensure that a duck family could safely cross Main Street, U.S.A.

wildl;ife ducks

Credit: World of Disney

Wild Animals Call Disney Parks Home

Many fans were also surprised to learn about the number of stray cats that call the Parks home. Not only are these animals gorgeous, but they actually serve a major purpose to the Disney Parks. These stray cats pay their rent at Disney Parks by eating unwanted mice and rodents that try to infest the Parks. In return, Disney gives these majestic feeling friends free rein over its properties.

Fans are now feeling stumped after a picture was shared of a more… unique… stray animal within Disneyland Park. While exploring the Parks, one Guest snapped a picture of a lone horse perched up on a closed-down Disney road.

Disney cats

Credit: Disney and @manyadventuresofautumn

Lions and Tigers And… A Horse?!

This pic has gone semi-viral in the Disney community because fans cannot seem to get over how hilarious it is. The post says;

“What is up with this random horse on a blocked ramp between Galaxy’s Edge and Frontierland?”

While we all love the idea of a random horse just hanging out on Disney property, this highly realistic prototype is actually a prop used in the Native American settlement along the Rivers of America. The vantage point from the road only shows the horse, making for easy confusion.

horse at disneyland

Credit: OhlsenBreakfast on Reddit

The Rivers of America Disneyland is an iconic attraction that offers an authentic and immersive experience to Park Guests. It is a showcase of the vision and creativity of Walt Disney, as well as the meticulous craftsmanship of the Walt Disney Imagineering team.

What is up with this random horse on a blocked ramp between Galaxy’s Edge and Frontierland?
by u/OhlsenBreakfast in Disneyland

Even if the answer was quite simple, it is hilarious to think of the confusion this Guest must have felt.

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