SAFETY PSA: Coyote Seen Prowling Disney Park Property

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When Guests visit Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, they hope to get and meet some incredible characters in a beautiful setting. Because these Parks are mostly outdoors, wildlife often finds their ways into the Parks. While some wildlife, like the Disney ducks and feral cats, is beloved by fans, others leave Guest feeling unsettled.

That is precisely how many are feeling right now after Guests reported seeing a wild coyote on Disney property.

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Caution With Wildlife at Disney

A coyote sighting on Disney Property has raised concerns for public safety. These animals can be brutal and vicious when they feel threatened. Parents are especially frazzled at this news due to previous reports of a coyote attack.

This recent citing took place at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Locals of the area know that Coyotes are native to Southern California. Disneyland becomes a prime location for them due to the large amount of prey that call the Parks home.

Disney handles coyotes the same way they handle the alligator situation at Walt Disney World Resort. While wild animals are undoubtedly not ideal from a safety standpoint, there is not much Disney can do beyond educating and warning the public about what to do when/if you encounter a dangerous animal.

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Guest Shares Report of Situation

On June 9, 2023, a group was leaving Disneyland Resort when they saw a Coyote in a parking garage. The garage in question was the Toy Story parking lot. The Guest explained;

“I know they’re pretty common in California, just wanted to give anyone a heads up. We were just leaving tonight and thankfully I managed to see it sprint behind the car.

It wasn’t aggressive or anything but there’s obviously a lot of families with small walking toddlers. Just warning so everyone can be aware.”

Coyote in Toy Story parking lot
by u/Odd_Refrigerator_823 in Disneyland

What to Do if You See a Coyote at Disneyland

This situation was enough to send shivers down some people’s spines. If you are ever in a situation where you see a coyote, you will likely be fine just keeping a distance and moving away slowly.

Coyotes typically are looking to eat smaller prey like rabbits, deer, and turkeys. If, however, a coyote is extremely hungry or threatened, you should try and make yourself as loud and big as possible. Most importantly, keep a close eye on your small children or pets. We are glad no one was hurt and hope that this coyote finds its way to a safer place.

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