VIDEO: Are the Wild Animals of Walt Disney World Getting Too Comfortable?

Recently, some Guests visiting Walt Disney World had a close encounter with a wild animal, but it wasn’t at the Disney Park you’re thinking of.

Mickey Pretzel


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Anybody who’s recently visited a Walt Disney World Resort theme park knows just how desensitized animals are to human behavior.

At Magic Kingdom (or at any Disney Park, for that matter), the birds and squirrels often push their luck, getting as close to Guests as possible for the chance of snagging some popcorn or a bit of a Mickey-shaped pretzel.

Disney's Kilimanjaro Safaris

Credit: Disney

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In Animal Kingdom, there’s an entire attraction dedicated to observing wild animals in a Floridian version of their “natural habitats.” Although Guests aren’t actually traveling through the African Savanna on a safari ride, the wild animals are totally real, and they’re not phased by the busses of people visiting their space.

That being said, while Animal Kingdom is undoubtedly the theme park with the wildest animal encounters, these Guests were visiting Hollywood Studios when they captured this on video.

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In this video, we can see a squirrel scampering across a booth of stuffed animal toys. The Guests point out that it has something in its mouth. No, it’s not a bit of food; it’s one of the stuffed Mickey toys’ nose!

This squirrel felt comfortable enough in its new habitat (Walt Disney World) to walk across objects with which humans interact all day. Not only that, but Mickey’s nose is undoubtedly going to end up as a cozy cushion in this squirrel’s nest.

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If you’re visiting Hollywood Studios and thinking of purchasing a stuffed animal, be sure to grab one from an indoor location. Otherwise, a squirrel might have walked across it and stolen its nose!

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