Splash Mountain’s Final Goodnight Urges Listeners to “Be Nice to Tiana” In This Bittersweet Video

It’s no secret that the death of Magic Kingdom’s classic Splash Mountain and the subsequent retheme has caused a lot of backlash from Disney fans. By now, it’s old news that Splash Mountain has closed its doors forever and will reopen soon as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but some fans are unwilling to accept the change.

Even when the announcement was first made at a D23 Expo that Walt Disney Imagineering would retheme the Frontierland/Critter Country attraction, many fans were devastated.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Matthew Cooper Photography (www.thetimethespace.com)

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From a certain point of view, the controversy is more sensitive than one may realize. Splash Mountain is loosely based on characters from a Walt Disney film, Song of the South (1946), which is widely regarded as one of the most racist Disney movies ever made. The film is so insensitive that the Walt Disney Company has never distributed it on home video or DVD, but few people know why the movie is considered racist.

Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney

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In short, the film contains exaggerated caricatures and reinforces stereotypes about African American peoples. It also creates a false, idyllic setting out of the antebellum south during the reconstruction era, which was anything but idyllic for newly-freed African American individuals.

After learning about this historical context, the hate directed at Princess Tiana as a character (the first black Disney princess) and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as an attraction can feel distressing. That’s why this bittersweet video capturing a Splash Mountain Cast Member’s final goodnight message is more important than ever.


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In this video captured by a Guest, the Cast Member says good night while closing up the Magic Kingdom Park attraction, which is a nightly tradition. After the theme park attraction’s final ride, he says,

“Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear, and all critters of Chickapin Hill, thank you for the memories. And Billy, have a good night. And be nice to Tiana.”

For context, “Billy” is a ghost that the Splash Mountain Cast Members would greet with good morning and goodnight messages.


Credit: Disney

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Although the message is directed at Billy the ghost, it’s a message many fans could learn from to keep the Disney magic kind and welcoming for all.

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