PSA: Petting One of Disney’s Feral Cats Could Get Them Evicted From the Premises

Disney cats
Credit: Disney and Canva

To pet or not to pet?

The Disney Parks are filled with many incredible attractions for Guests to enjoy. Parades, roller coasters, restaurants, fireworks… Disney really has it all. However, one of Disney’s most popular assets is something not meant to be experienced by Guests at all.

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, you may have seen them lurking in the shadows or darting across paths when the sun goes down. They’re not your typical Disney characters, but they are a beloved part of the Disneyland Park experience: feral cats.

Both United States theme Parks have groups of feral cats that live there. The adorable felines are tasked with keeping the rodent levels within the Parks at a reasonable level. As a fun little bonus, they are also super adorable.

However, one fan’s photo has caused a big stir over whether or not it is ethical to pet these Disney residents.

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Disney cats

Credit: Disney and @manyadventuresofautumn

Disney’s Feline Cast Members

One Guest was enjoying a day at Disneyland Resort when they were taken aback by an adorable little Disneyland Cat. The Guest innocently posted a photo with the beloved feral cat online with the caption, “I called to Snickers and she came over and let me pet her.”

What this user was not likely expecting was to be lectured on why this is actually a horrible idea. According to some Disney fans in the comment section, if these cats become too domesticated and friendly, Disney will rehome them. One Guest explained;

“It is true. Their job is to hunt mice. If they get too used to human attention they start going up to people they don’t do their job and Disney will remove them from the park. Just observe them from a distance please. I know it’s tempting to pet them but like a service animal, they need to focus on their purpose and you’re distracting them. They are well cared for where they are.”

I called to Snickers and she came over and let me pet her ❤️
by u/Princessmore in Disneyland

Look, but Don’t Touch

As sad as it is to say, it is best to look at but not pet and cuddle these animals. Disney needs them to stay vigilant in their pest control efforts, and they also wouldn’t want a pet to potentially become a distraction or a safety hazard for Guests. Instead, Guests should probably focus their attention on the entertainment that the Parks provide intentionally.

the aristocats

Credit: Disney

Of course, this is by no means an attack on the original poster. Many fans do not understand the implications that come along with petting a stray cat that is a part of Disney’s feral cat colony.

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