Pricing for Disney Dining Plan Revealed

Disney dining plan cost
Credit: Disney

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for a very long time, and we know you have too! You can now officially book a Disney Dining Plan! It’s been three very long years since we have been able to say that, and it feels good! There’s just one question looming in everyone’s mind: how much will it cost?

Dining plan cost

Credit: Disney

That’s a good question. The pre-paid meal option is an incredibly popular offering with Disney Guests. The reason Guests love the Plan is as different as the guests themselves are. Some love the convenience of knowing their food was paid for in advance, leaving them to have a stress-free vacation. Some love it because it allows them the freedom to try things they wouldn’t usually do (“If it’s included, why not?”). Others love it because it saves them money. Those people are the ones holding their breath this morning. The price is expected to increase but has it increased to the point that it is no longer a cost savings?

A Quick Service Plan costs $57/per adult and $23.83/per child. A Regular Dining Plan runs $94/per adult and $29.69/per child. It’s roughly 20% more than it was in 2020 for the Regular Dining Plan, which isn’t surprising. The price goes up every year. It’s to be expected.  It’s a more significant jump than we typically see, but there is a three-year gap from when we last saw the plan.  Given the rising cost of food in the Parks due to inflation and yearly cost increases, it still represents decent savings.

Royal Prime Rib Roast

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Overall, the change is not too bad. The Quick Service Plan only increased by 3%, and the kids’ Dining plan is actually CHEAPER than it was in 2020.  It seems that it did rise in cost a little more than the average yearly increase, but we are thinking about how much it COULD be if three years’ worth of price increases had affected it.  Given Disney’s penchant for exorbitantly raising prices when Chapek was at the helm, it may be a good thing the Dining Plan was gone for so long. It never got a chance to be ruined by Bob Chapek.

Disney fans have become embittered over the last few years, and it seems there has only been bad news. Poorly behaving guests, malfunctions, amenities being taken away, and price increases have dominated the news cycles, but this is genuinely good news. It feels good to be able to report it.



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