Guests Visiting Disney Are Noticing a Shift in the Behavior of Fellow Guests, and It’s Not for the Better…

Magic Kingdom
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There’s no denying that Walt Disney World Resort isn’t what it used to be. Each Disney Park is bigger than it’s ever been, with more attractions and features than before. As a result, a Disney vacation is more expensive than it’s ever been, leading to some tension for visiting Guests.

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It’s also worth noting that our culture as a whole has also shifted, leading to a different experience while visiting Walt Disney World.

If you’ve been to a Disney Park or one of the Disney hotels recently, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s not a very friendly place anymore.

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Guests and families are no longer as polite or considerate as they used to be, and although everyone is visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, nobody seems happy to be there. In short, visiting Walt Disney World feels more competitive than ever, leaving a sour taste in the mouth.

Have you noticed this cultural shift while visiting Disney World? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. One Guest was so appalled by the behavior they witnessed that they took to social media to ask about others’ experiences:

Rude Guests at WDW
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Many attribute this cultural shift to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced all of us inside, isolating us despite our inherently social nature as a species.

But it isn’t just the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, although it drove us apart. It must be said that our current political climate has created a vast ‘me versus you’ mentality.

This mentality can be spotted anywhere, but Walt Disney World was always the one place that transported Guests away from the negativity of everyday life. Now, not even Disney World is safe from rude Guests and selfish behavior.

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So, what’s the solution? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to something so widespread. The best thing to do is to be the change you want to see in the Disney Parks. Even when other Guests act rude, it may be best to respond with kindness instead of more disrespectful behavior.

After all, if we want the magic to return to Walt Disney World, we may have to bring it back ourselves.

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