From One Guest to Fellow Guests Visiting Disney, This Recent Habit Is Not Cool

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The Most Magical Place on Earth is not immune to irritating behavior. Anyone who visits frequently will tell you that!

From Guests cutting in long lines to Guests being rude to Cast Members and other Guests to children loudly fussing to really rainy days, Walt Disney World Resort sees its fair share of unpleasantness. Usually, that one-of-a-kind Disney magic is enough to offset any gloominess, and a day at Disney is rarely ruined by a brief moment of chaos…but this increasingly popular habit is enough to create long-lasting impressions.

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One Guest recently took to social media to ask if this inconsiderate habit is as common as they thought, and the response was staggering:

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The general consensus is that anyone playing their own music, videos, TV shows, or movies in public (whether visiting Walt Disney World or not) is considered rude. But at Walt Disney World, this habit is especially unpleasant!

Whether relaxing at a Disney Resort hotel, riding on Disney transportation, or having fun at one of Walt Disney World’s theme parks, there is always music playing in the background. Many Guests want to hear this ambient music as it creates the illusion and immersion required for that world-famous Disney magic, further transporting Guests into another world.

When others play loud, disruptive music, it creates a distracting and potentially overstimulating environment!

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According to the social media thread, Guests have witnessed fellow Guests playing loud music at the Disney Resort hotel pools, on the Monorails, and even in the Haunted Mansion queue!

Guests have also reported loud profane and inappropriate music being played in public spaces on Walt Disney World property, which is widely known for being a family-friendly vacation destination.

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Although the rules may seem annoying at times, they’re put in place to create the Most Magical Place on Earth for all Guests, making it incredibly important that we do our best to follow them.

If you notice someone playing loud music while visiting Walt Disney World Resort and it’s becoming distracting or disruptive, feel free to talk to a Cast Member, who will amend the situation.

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