Police Shoot and Kill Suspect Right Outside Disneyland Resort

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On Tuesday afternoon (October 3) around approximately 1:10 p.m., according to one source, an armed suspect was shot and killed merely a block away from Disneyland Resort.

A Bleak Day For the Happiest Place on Earth

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According to the authorities, the encounter between Anaheim police and the suspect occurred at an ARCO gas station “near the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue.”

After doing some digging, we’ve found that this location is nearly a mile away from Disneyland Resort, but has also been described as “just a short walking distance” away from the vacation resort, according to another source.

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LA’s Fox News outlet clarifies, writing that the incident took place “on the same block as the Toy Story parking lot” and a mere “couple of blocks away from [Disney California Adventure theme park].”

Thankfully, no part of the authorities’ investigation will take place at any of Disneyland Resort’s properties.

More Information On the Situation

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According to ABC7, the suspect, who allegedly committed sexual assault, chose to run away from police officers, resisting arrest. Police officers “caught up” to the suspect at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue, where the suspect was confronted.

Reportedly, a knife was recovered from the scene, “believed to belong to the suspect.”

Witnesses Were Able to Spot the Grisly Aftermath

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Reportedly, one witness heard the gunshots and even saw the aftermath of the encounter, and told LA’s KTLA news outlet:

The first police cars were at the apartments about a half a block east…I drove further west on Orangewood and heard gunshots…and I could see the body on the ground in the [parking lot.]

Another source claims that “the body remained at the scene in the gas station parking lot for hours as police investigated the scene,” meaning that multiple bystanders may have witnessed the gruesome aftermath before the scene was blocked off. According to some reports, some tourists from other countries witnessed the fallout, painting a grim picture of America during their Disney vacations.

What We Currently Know:

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At this time, we don’t know the exact circumstances; the names of the officer(s) involved in the suspect’s death have not been released, nor has the suspect’s name.

We also don’t know exactly what happened as the suspect resisted arrest, but we do know that no police officers were wounded during this incident.

This story is still developing.

UPDATE: After doing some research, we’ve come to find out that the suspect was a man by the name of Luis Muñoz, a 29-year-old man from Anaheim, California.

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