Guest Suffers Frightening Near-Death Experience While Visiting Disney World Park

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There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Ultimately, many families choose Walt Disney World, not just for the world-class entertainment and attractions, but for the family-friendly atmosphere and, most importantly, how safe the vacation destination is.

Safety Will Always Be Disney’s Highest Priority

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Although Walt Disney World’s success comes from many different aspects of Disney parks operations, safety is undoubtedly the highest priority, and guests know that.

Because safety is the highest priority, guests can visit confident that they won’t experience an injury while riding an attraction in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. And they’re not wrong! Walt Disney World takes safety so seriously that severe injuries and even deaths are incredibly uncommon.

That Being Said, They’re Not Impossible

typhoon lagoon

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One Guest recently shared a story in an online Disney community, describing a harrowing accident that occurred at Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Reportedly, while visiting Typhoon Lagoon, a guest was enjoying the wave pool when he “got his head smacked and knocked out in the water for a bit.

It’s unknown how this guest hit his head, but we can imagine that the force of the artificial waves may have played a part in the situation. The anonymous guest continues, saying that they witnessed him as he “asphyxiated on the water while unconscious.

Luckily, the Lifeguards Were Quick to Act

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We can’t even begin to imagine how frightening and potentially traumatic it must be to witness, let alone experience, something so serious while visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth for vacation.

However, the Disney lifeguards were level-headed and quick to act. They were able to “revive” the unconscious guest, according to the anonymous report.

Guests Are In Good Hands While Visiting Disney Parks

Typhoon Lagoon

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Allegedly, the guest who fell unconscious while in the wave pool was successfully resuscitated, and was seen being wheeled away, alive. We’re glad for the anonymous report, as these stories are often the most unsettling when there’s no clear ending.

Whether visiting a Walt Disney World water park or theme park, Cast Members and lifeguards alike will always make safety their number one priority, and guests are always in good hands.

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