‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ Star Receives Apology After Harsh Comments

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Pirates of the Caribbean is known for being in the spotlight when it comes to the actors and actresses that were cast.

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series, produced by Disney, is a beloved and iconic franchise known for its swashbuckling adventure, supernatural elements, and memorable characters. The series began in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and has become a cornerstone of modern pirate lore in cinema.

The first film introduced audiences to Captain Jack Sparrow, played brilliantly by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp fans fell in love with him as he brought a unique blend of humor, charm, and eccentricity to the character, making Jack Sparrow instantly memorable. Keira Knightley also made her debut as Elizabeth Swann, the governor’s daughter who becomes entangled in the world of pirates and treasure hunting. Her character’s adventurous spirit and strong-willed nature made her an instant fan favorite. The film starred Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, and Johnny Depp as the main characters. This became a massive box office success and spawned a beloved film series.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) runs away in 'Pirates' franchise

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With Pirates of the Caribbean gaining traction, Keira Knightley gained widespread recognition. Keira Knightley had starred in films such as Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, Never Let Me Go, A Dangerous Method, Anna Karenina, and several others.

A massive moment in Knightley’s career was her role in the 2013 musical comedy-drama Begin Again, where she shared the screen with Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine. While the film achieved significant success, there were reports of a strained relationship between Knightley and the film’s director, John Carney, who made harsh remarks about her.

elizabeth swann (kiera knightley, left) holding a gun up to captain jack sparrow (johnny depp, right)

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Fandonwire reported that John Carney, who directed Begin Again, openly criticized Keira Knightley. Carney reported that Knightley was a supermodel, and she could not sing. However, Carney later issued a public apology, expressing embarrassment and acknowledging his error in judgment.

While Keira Knightley was the bigger person, she graciously accepted the director’s apology and shed light on their discord during the making of Begin Again, emphasizing that it was a challenging shoot. She shared her perspective, saying, “It takes two to tango,” and commended both of them for their work on the film. Despite their personal differences, Knightley emphasized the quality of the movie they had created, which did not reflect their strained relationship on screen.

“I was sort of thrilled. I’ve been called many things in my life, many worse things – but I’ve never been called a supermodel. Thanks! It was a very difficult shoot,” Knightley said in response to the apology. “We didn’t get on. It’s just a thing that happens sometimes, and I say that with no blame. It takes two to tango. I think we can both be very proud of ourselves for the film that we made because it’s difficult when a lead actor and director don’t get on. And I don’t think you could tell that from watching the film. Begin Again is a wonderful film. It didn’t do what we hoped. So there was a level of disappointment attached.”

Keira Knightley

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Keria Knightley is not the only Pirates of the Caribbean star that has received harsh comments. Johnny Depp’s legal battles, including a highly publicized trial, involved allegations of domestic abuse and defamation. The trial and its aftermath garnered significant media attention and had implications for his career. Depp ultimately lost one of the cases, which had a substantial impact on his public image. Legal proceedings and their negative publicity, Johnny Depp parted ways with Disney and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This decision marked the end of his tenure as Captain Jack Sparrow, a role he had portrayed for over a decade. This means he most likely will not appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. 

What are your thoughts on these harsh comments?

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  1. Thankyou for Pirates of the Carribean yes alot has happened and its healthy to let go of any untoward feelings that only create disharmony and conflicting amongst each other or anyone in general, we need joy and togetherness not disharmony or disfunction to reign over innocent victims like Keira Knightly or Johnny Depp or anyone else lets get over it and move upwards and onwards i say.

  2. Disney if you really want to make a real difference then apologize to Johnny Depp for the wrongs you have done to him. Firing him and not believing I’m him before his trails were over. He proved his ex laid to ruin him and what a better way to bust your business than to apologize and put Johnny in 6. No one else will replace him. He made you alot of money for you. Good God people are you too small to a man that was with you a Decade?
    Why ruin his reputation and yours over a simple apologize

    • Why are you saying that Johnny Depp “ultimately lost the case”
      Be WON the case against Heard in Virginia…. Let’s not re/write history here…. HE was the abused person and deserves a strong, public apology from Disney! He also needs to be cast In Pirates 6

      • RIGHT! there can NIT be a Pirates of the Caribbean without Captain Jack sparrow & I will NOT watch it if Disney thinks they can find an actor talented enough to take the role of Sparrow from Johnny.

    • Too much drama. I need a apology from so so many people…

    • You are so right! I believe that Johnny’s private life should stay private! It has nothing to do with Disney at all. Why ruin a man’s career! Mr Depp was born to be Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!
      Put him back in potc 6, if you don’t it will fail!!!

    • Jacqueline hummel

      I’m gonna say something and I really don’t care how you take it you guys make me sick taking away Johnny Depp all because amber heard when it wasn’t Johnny Depps fault it was her Johnny Depp is the one and only who brought out the best in Pirate of Caribbean and all the others just because of that woman you guys make me sick and then you wanna take Tim Allen away from Santa Claus what the hell is your guys problem don’t expect anyone to be watching any of them two movies knowing they’re ones that gave the movies the rating WHAT WOULD WALT DISNEY HIMSELF SAY SEEING YOU GUYS RUINING EVERYTHING THAT HE CREATED IT’S BS I’M DONE DISNEY YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH I WISH WALT WAS ALIVE TO THIS BS HAPPENING

  3. Again not reporting the correct information about JD. He won the case in Virginia that AH defamed him and she lied about any ab@se. She even admitted to be the one who hit him, threw things at him, started physical fights, called him a monster when he left the physical fights. She was and is a lier and tried to ruin his life. This type of reporting continues to tell her lies.

  4. Former DisneyAddict

    Disney doesnt care about the truth, they are a den of unclean spirits who only care about the…dollar…of which theynare losing alot of lately….

  5. Disney wronged JD by acting as judge and jury before the verdict was in. It is still doing him an injustice by stating lies by saying he lost the case. He WON the lawsuit. Disney has lost so much of its integrity the last few years. It is losing money because it has forgotten who the founder was and follow in his footsteps by making true family entertainment in the tradition of Mr. Disney. It is disgraceful what it’s done in the name of “Disney.” There is only one Jack Sparrow. Anyone different would cause another failure. Disney should publicly apologize to Johnny Depp for its wrongs and sign JD on again as Captain Jack or don’t make the movie at all.

  6. Shame on you Disney. You felt comfortable to let but uncomfortable to admit it was a bad decision. Very disappointing. Anyway I can keep anything Disney from my house will be utilized.
    Destroy but unable to be any help with restoring what he’s lost .
    Disney Who ?
    Johnny isn’t only CAPTAIN JACK but the way he continued to visit children hospital just because he could and because he cared for the children Feels mean spirited to me

  7. Bring back Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Noone can replace him. I want go see the movie without him.