Pinocchio Loses Patience With Cast Member In This Shocking Video

Pinocchio (1940) is one of the Walt Disney Company’s most iconic and classic films. Nearly everybody knows the story: an elderly woodcarver named Geppetto painstakingly creates a little wooden puppet and wishes on an evening star for him to come to life. The Blue Fairy sees the kindness in Geppetto and grants his wish.


Credit: Disney

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But Pinocchio is naive, a bit ignorant, and sometimes mischievous. As a result, Jiminy Cricket is assigned to be his conscience and act as a moral guide.  Most iconically, when the little puppet lies, his nose grows longer, so he is unable to hide when the truth even when he tries.

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While the Pinocchio face character, who can be seen walking around Disney Parks, is not made of wood, he is definitely still mischievous. In this shocking video, we can see the face character playfully slapping a Disney Cast Member in the face before looking around and acting very innocent once he realizes the Guests are watching.


When you don’t get your way and you act up in public, but forget everyone’s watching you!!???‍♀️ Lol he tried to play it off after he realized everyone was watching him?? I cant’t believe i forgot to post this. #disney #disneyland #pinocchio #naughtyboy #pinocchiobeingbad #fyp #viralvideo #badboy #funnyvideo #disneytiktok #disneyviraltiktok

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While this video may seem very un-Disney-like, fans can rest assured that Pinocchio didn’t slap the Cast Member very hard, nor did he do it out of nowhere. We did some digging and found a longer video with the original context, showing that Pinocchio’s behavior was mischievous but not malicious.


Full video of Pinocchio slapping cast member and why he was being a naughty boy. @disneyparks @disney #disney #disneyland #ReadySetLift #pinocchio #naughtyboy #pinocchiobeingbad #fyp #viralvideo #badboy #funnyvideo #disneytiktok #disneyviraltiktok

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In the full video, we can see that the Cast Member has opened a rope so the marching band can pass by. Pinocchio rushes behind the marching band to follow, but the Cast Member shakes his head at the puppet. As he closes the rope, Pinocchio playfully swipes at the employee, earning a laugh from nearby Guests.

If only Pinocchio had wished on a star for the Cast Member to let him through!

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