Nude, Dirty, and Other Ways People Have Tried to Take Advantage of Disney’s Rules

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Please note: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Should guests be allowed to wear whatever they want to Disney Parks? Official guidelines stress a “casual, family-oriented environment” and ask guests to use “discretion and common sense.”

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Here are some pillars of the Disney dress code that you may be surprised people have refused to follow:

1) No Ultra-Revealing Clothing

This includes bikini tops (or bottoms, for that matter) for all regular parks and super tiny ones for the water parks. Anything that could easily slip and flash a private body part is considered unsuitable.

A TikToker in 2022 debunked the claim that Disney will provide a voucher for clothing if a guest’s outfit is flagged as inappropriate. Helini (@heliniofficial) tried to enter Walt Disney World’s EPCOT in shorts and a skimpy bikini top but was stopped at the gate.

She was told she needed to buy a shirt or come back after she changed. Luckily she brought a tank top with her to put on and then was allowed in.

This also includes going pantless, like wearing bikini bottoms without pants (except at the water parks).

A guest once tried to break dance on the concrete at Disney Springs, in a t-shirt and only bikini bottoms. Disney and surrounding guests with children were not pleased.

Disney Springs

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2) Nudity

Seems like it goes without saying, but here we are. Guests can’t be naked at the parks.

That is the essence of  ‘dress code.’

In the past, a female guest lifted her top and flashed her chest against the glass of her cable car while aboard Walt Disney World Resort’s Skyliner. This is against the rules and could result in being banned from Disney theme parks. Just don’t do it.

Skyliner Incident

Credit: @kateekatdavis0

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3) Explicit Content

The words and images on guests’ clothing can raise issues as well. As a rule, if Spotify or iTunes would stamp it with “Explicit,” you probably shouldn’t be wearing it at Disney World.

Some horror stories include guests who chose to wear a shirt that advertised sex, a hat with a crude phrase, and items with custom-made Disney-themed adult humor, as shown in the Reddit post below:

Why are people allowed in with such foul shirts- why doesn’t anyone have concern over this
byu/Complex-Turn-8293 inDisneyland

byu/saggysatan from discussion

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4) No Dressing Too Much Like the Face Characters

Along different lines, but definitely reprehensible, guests must be careful about dressing too much to look like the princesses and other face characters available to meet and greet at the Disney Parks.

Some guests have taken things too far and even signed autographs and taken pictures with children at Magic Kingdom. I guess their parents didn’t feel like waiting in line. It breaks the Disney magic and cheapens the experience.



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One Florida man even wore a costume and name tag that made him look like he worked there as a Cast Member! Scary!

Actual Cast Members can’t stop everyone, so some people will surely get away with things. Half of the people only get caught because they share pictures on social media!

Officially, “Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.”

There’s a huge culture of Disney adults who enjoy the parks, but some of them need to remember what Disney is about and help preserve the magic for everyone.

What’s the worst guest behavior you’ve seen in the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments. 

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