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It’s felt like forever since we’ve seen Johnny Depp on the scene of a new production. Following his dismissal by Disney and Warner Bros from Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, the famed superstar has been missing from the Hollywood spotlight.

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Depp, who has famously worked with Disney as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland (2010) alongside longtime affiliate Tim Burton and Into the Woods (2014), is best known around these magical parts for his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Following a nasty public defamation case with ex-wife Amber Heard, outside of a few appearances with rock group The Hollywood Vampires and a role as King Louis XV in Jeanne Du Barry (2023), some could consider Johnny Depp rather reclusive of late.

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As his name has been hauled through the mud following incredulous reports of abuse by Amber Heard, eventually leading to his firing, who can really blame the Edward Scissorhands (1990) actor for wanting to take a back seat?

Despite the wavering public perception following his proven innocence in court with Heard, rare public appearances, like that at the Cannes Film Festival, where Depp received a standing ovation from fans, have shown that the public is still behind the best actor winner.

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For this reason, anything having to do with Johnny Depp, especially revolving around his return to work as opposed to the infamous “Johnny Depp Trial,” is welcomed news amongst fans of the Sweeney Todd (2007) lead.

That’s why recent images posted by Variety showing our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow working on filming for his latest project, Modì, has fans extremely excited. However, this time Academy Award-winning actor isn’t in front of the camera; he’s behind it.

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 Johnny Depp, the multi-talented actor known for his captivating performances, has been expanding his horizons in the entertainment industry. Depp recently ventured into the directing world with his upcoming Modì project. This new venture demonstrates his creative versatility and passion for storytelling.

While Johnny Depp has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, taking on the director role marks a significant milestone in his career. His decision to step behind the camera showcases his desire to explore different aspects of the filmmaking process and exercise his creative vision in new ways.

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According to People Magazine, Modì “follows the life of Modigliani in a 48-hour whirlwind, capturing a chaotic series of events through the streets and bars of war-torn Paris during World War I.”

Depp has been hard at work on the film; he called the project “a testament to the collaborative spirit of independent filmmaking,” citing his excitement to present the “unique and compelling” story.

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Modì promises to be a thought-provoking and visually stunning project that delves into the realms of mystery and fantasy. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and interests, Depp has crafted a captivating narrative that will transport viewers into a world unlike any other.

The excitement around the film doesn’t simply rely on the heavy-hitting name of Johnny Depp either. Although the famed star is wrapping up his work behind the camera, notable names such as Al Pacino are handling the work on screen. Depp had much to say regarding his respect and admiration for the Hollywood legend, who’s worked with the Ed Wood (1994) star on films like Donnie Brosco (1997).

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In a separate statement cited by Inside the Magic, Depp talked up his trust and sincerity for Pacino and his involvement in the new project; “I would like to express my profound gratitude to the entire cast, crew, and producers for their unwavering commitment and creativity. To Al, who requested that I make this film — how could I refuse Pacino? A sincere acknowledgment for generously contributing his talent and dedication to this project. ‘Modi’ is a testament to the collaborative spirit of independent filmmaking, and I am excited to present this unique and compelling story to the world.”

In addition to Pacino, Depp is joined by a talented cast featuring the likes of Stephen Graham (who worked with Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean), Riccardo Scamarcio, Bruno Gouery, Ryan McParland, Luisa Ranieri, Antonia Desplat, and Sally Phillips.

This new Johnny Depp film not only brings with it the excitement of seeing one of Hollywood’s greats return to the industry in some fashion, but it also lends itself to a little bit of hope for fans of Depps’ work alongside Disney. As much has been made regarding the eccentric 21 Jump Street (1987) stars’ appearance, new images provided by Variety on X seem to show a smiling, healthy, and happy Johnny Depp, a fond sight for sore eyes.

It’s also nice to see Depp working outside of his typical box. Although he’s put on stellar performances alongside director Tim Burton as Willy Wonka  in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and actors such as Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands (1990), watching Depp master a new art speaks highly to the creative personality of the “man of many faces.”

Although word remains void on his potential return to Disney as Captain Jack Sparrow, a leaked script and potential release dates for a sixth Pirates installment could mean that upon making amends, Depp, who seems to be in good health, might just consider a return.

Johnny Depp

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Until then, we’re just happy that he’s back doing what he loves, making amazing art for the world to appreciate.

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