NEW ‘Up’ Inspired Attraction Is Set To Make Its Theme Park Debut

Illustration of a whimsical house lifted by colorful balloons over rocky terrains, with a "new" banner in the corner, evoking a sense of adventure and innovation in Storybook Land Canal Bo
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Since its release on May 29, 2009, Up instantly became a Disney Pixar classic. The story follows Carl Fredricksen, a senior citizen who is grieving the loss of his wife, as he sets off on an adventure of a lifetime. He is accompanied by an unlikely troupe, including Wilderness Explorer boy Scount, Russel, and a talking dog, Dug.

Along the way, the group overcomes evil forces and creates a unique bond. Up teaches us that friendship can be found in the most unlikely places and that sometimes life is the greatest adventure of them all.

This film is incredibly loved by the Disney fandom at large, and many have been hoping for a Disney theme park attraction based on the ride. Now, fans will be overjoyed to hear that Disney has announced plans to add Up to one Disney Park attraction facing rennovations.

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Credit: Disney Pixar

‘Up’ To Arrive at International Theme Park

Disneyland Paris is set to enchant visitors with yet another delightful addition to the enchanting Storybook Land Canal Boats. Alongside the already announced Frozen and Winnie the Pooh scenes, guests can look forward to a new scene inspired by the heartwarming tale of Disney Pixar’s Up.

This latest inclusion promises to transport guests into the colorful world of Carl, Russell, and Dug, adding a touch of whimsy and adventure to this beloved attraction. The incorporation of this beloved Pixar film ensures that the Storybook Land Canal Boats continue to evolve, offering visitors a dynamic blend of classic and contemporary Disney magic.

storybook land canal boats disneyland paris

Credit: Disney

An Ever-Evolving Attraction

With each scene carefully crafted to capture the essence of these cherished stories, the addition of Up further enriches the tapestry of wonder and nostalgia that defines the Storybook Land experience at Disneyland Park within Disneyland Paris. It is thrilling to see this new attraction incorporate new beloved movies and characters into it. Current miniature scenes include:

  • The village of Arendelle and Elsa’s ice palace from Frozen
  • The straw, stick and brick houses from Three Little Pigs
  • The manicured London park from Peter Pan
  • The Alpine village from Pinocchio
  • The English village from Alice in Wonderland
  • The royal city of Agrabah and Cave of Wonders from Aladdin
  • Prince Eric’s palace and King Triton’s underwater castle from The Little Mermaid
  • The Cottage of the Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • The French countryside village and mountaintop castle from Cinderella
  • The Giant’s patchwork quilt from Lullaby Land
  • Toad Hall from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

While no date has been officially set for Up‘s addition, Disney previously said that the renovations should be completed sometime later this year. We know that many fans will be eagaryly anticipating the additions of these new stories to this adorable ride.

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