‘MOANA’, ‘ENCANTO’, and ‘BLUEY’ Attractions Could Hit Disney Parks; According to Statement From Disney’s CFO

Bluey in the Parks
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This new news could seriously change the future of the Disney theme Parks.

The Disney theme Parks are incredibly lucrative assets for the Walt Disney Company. One of the ways that Disney continues to gain customers in the Parks is by continuously updating the attractions and characters that are in the Parks. Disney succeeds by constantly having new offerings to give to their Guests.

Now, Christine McCarthy has revealed the new process that Disney will use to select what attractions and characters will be added to the Parks.

Moana meet and greets Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney Parks

Disney+ Will Be Disney’s Secret Weapon

The Walt Disney Company likes to pride itself in having a good pulse on the desires of its consumer base. While many Guests are happy to return to the Parks just because they love the environment, many fans need new attractions and additions to incentivize returning. Disney accomplishes this by always adding new experiences based on popular movies and TV shows from Disney.

Before now, fans had never fully known how Disney decided what characters and films/movies get added to the Parks. Now, thanks to Disney CFO Christine McCarthy, the public has a much better idea.

Christine McCarthy is the senior executive vice president and the chief financial officer for the Walt Disney Company. Earlier today, May 17, McCarthy was speaking at the SVB MoffettNathanson Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. It was here that she revealed how Disney will be using the Disney+ streaming service to help influence Disney Parks future.

Encanto Family

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An Interesting New Roster Revealed

McCarthy explained that Disney is using data from Disney+ to see the type of content they should incorporate more into the Parks. According to McCarthy, Disney is looking for, “the ones that really resonate with our consumers.” She says that Disney+ data will “better inform our creatives and Imagineers” about what things fans want to see in a Disney Resort or theme Park. It is important to note that this was also an idea of Bob Chapek, the former Disney CEO.

According to the highest streamed films and TV shows on Disney+, this could mean more Moana, Encanto, Black Panther, Turning Red, Bluey, and The Mandalorian. While Disney does not have the theme Park rights to Bluey, the rest of these shows and movies could easily come to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

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