Has Marvel Replaced Chris Evans For Good? Here’s What We Know

Captain America

If we had to describe the Marvel Universe in one word, we’d say it’s…convoluted. Even the biggest fans can admit that they don’t know the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next move at all times, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

When it comes to good writing, it’s a good sign when audiences can pick up on the foreshadowing and can put together what may come next. However, some of Disney’s biggest money-makers, Marvel and Star Wars, seem to resent it when fans know what’s coming next in the saga.

Fans Never Know What to Expect of Marvel Studios

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After all, there’s nothing like a ‘gotcha’ moment in which fans literally didn’t see something coming. But when something comes out of left field, it can leave fans feeling unfulfilled and…kind of confused.

So, when it comes to Marvel’s ongoing universe, fans really never know what’s going to happen next, who’s going to stay dead, and who’s going to be brought back to life for the sake of the story.

In a way, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because it means that fans can always hold out hope for their favorite characters, such as the original Avengers.

Marvel Wants Us to Focus On Newer Faces, But Fans Can’t Help But Long For the Classics…

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As the arsenal of superheroes grows, Marvel Studios attempts to focus on the newer faces of the franchise. After all, Avengers: Endgame (2019) explicitly ended the storylines of the two most influential superheroes, Iron Man (whose films kicked off the MCU) and Captain America (the titular first Avenger).

And yet…many fans would still welcome them back to the big screen.

That being said, a recent move on Marvel’s part may have solidified the fact that Chris Evans’ Captain America is gone for good, and isn’t returning to the big screen anytime soon.

You’ve Never Seen Captain America Like This Before

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An article by The Direct points out that some of the most recent toy releases include Captain America, but in a way that audiences have never seen him before.

This version of the star-spangled superhero comes from Marvel’s What If…? series on Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+). This series explores different timelines of our favorite Marvel stories, giving audiences a chance to see what would happen to our favorite characters if they were included under different circumstances.

In the case of this iteration, Steve Rogers becomes a super soldier, not with the help of an experimental serum, but with the help of a giant mech suit.

Will Chris Evans Ever Return to Play Steve Rogers?

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Couple this huge change with the new Captain America, Sam Wilson (portrayed by Anthony Mackie), who takes up the helm after Steve Rogers decides to stay in the past with Peggy Carter, and it all seems like Marvel is officially retiring and replacing the Steve Rogers fans know and love for good.

But a recent report has some other ideas.

Inside the Magic recently pointed out that Chris Evans himself wouldn’t mind returning to the character. Knowing what we know about Marvel’s storytelling habits (and how unreliable these habits can be), we can say we wouldn’t be fully surprised if audiences haven’t seen the last of Chris Evans as Captain America.

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