Disney Cast Member Arrested After Brandishing Deadly Weapon

Knife wielding Disney cast member arrested
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Nearly a quarter of a million people who work for The Walt Disney Company call themselves cast members. And we aren’t just talking about those people you see in the theme parks. We are talking about theme park cast members, those who work on the Disney lots in Southern California, those who guests speak to over the phone, and those who work at Disney stores. Cast members also include those who work for companies owned by Disney, like Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox.

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Credit: Disney

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On Wednesday, March 27, cast members who worked on Disney’s Fox Studios lot were subject to a very scary situation. According to a report from Deadline, police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were called to the Fox lot just after 9 a.m. There, they encountered an “aggressive” cast member who was wielding a knife.

Thankfully, police officers were able to take control of the situation.

Fox Studios

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Per Deadline:

Taken into custody by the LAPD, the woman is currently undergoing a “psych evaluation,” law enforcement sources confirm.

She is not under arrest and has not been charged. The woman, an employee of Disney, works on the Fox Studio lot in Century City, sources say. The incident happened near her office.

The Deadline writer who first reported on the news was told that the cast member is banned from the lot for the foreseeable future. However, we do not know if the cast member has been fired. Disney may decide to keep the woman on staff if it is determined that she had some sort of mental break, provided she receives the proper therapy.

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This is one of the only times that we have heard about a cast member being arrested on a Disney-owned studio lot. Unfortunately, it is usually a theme park cast member who finds themselves in handcuffs.

Over the years, dozens of Disney cast members have been arrested during stings conducted by the Orange County and Polk County Sheriff’s offices. Those cast members are typically charged with crimes related to the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor.

Cast Member Arrested

Credit: WESH

A cast member went viral after being arrested for filming a young boy who went to the bathroom while visiting Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The teenager went and told their parents about what happened, and security was immediately notified. The cast member tried to deny the accusations, but the video evidence was undeniable.

And, last month, a Disney Cruise Line cast member was arrested for watching child pornography while on one of Disney’s cruise ships. The cast member admitted what he had done when he was arrested. He also admitted to being a part of a disturbing group chat, where explicit images of children were frequently shared.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, there is help available. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357. You can also call or text 988 on your phone. 

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  1. It’s very sad but I’m just read about a cast member. There’s a lot of stress in the movie business. It’s not just only the cast members who do what this woman has done like other cast members just like her. It’s a lot of stress because you get so many things at you at one time and it has to be done properly and has to be done right. And you get somebody nervous with you. And you have to constantly be on your toes every minute. And sometimes you don’t get a break to take a break when people need one. And to will tonight like a pirate or a horror movie on a park where women and children are and even the families or senior citizen. It’s questionable. And I really am sad this is happening at Disney. It wasn’t Walt’s idea for a design and a dream. Including the cruise ship industry which possibly wasn’t Walt’s idea anyway. All I know from him is that it was the park and somewhat similar from the World’s Fair. Florida is stressing Disney out right now. Because of a governor and his opinion

  2. Florida is stressing Disney out? How about Disney stay out of politics. Governor of Florida is the blueprint of a great Governor. Protecting children and families. On the other hand the governor of Cali is another story. Corn pop and the dems spending money like a first round draft pick. Illegals overrunning the country at taxpayers expense and committing crimes against women (that is in addition to being illegally in the country in the first place. Inflation out of control. Buy some groceries now, that is some stress. The list goes on. Let us take care of Americans first. Trump 2024!

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