Ron DeSantis Bans Certain Disney Cast Members From Public Spaces

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One of the most recognizable names in the Republican Party today might be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The controversial governor has repeatedly found himself in the spotlight since he began fighting with one of the most powerful companies in his state — The Walt Disney Company. The two-year-long fight has led to questionable new laws, multiple lawsuits from both Disney and DeSantis, and one failed presidential campaign.

And now, Governor DeSantis has passed a new law that will target certain Walt Disney World Resort cast members.

Ron DeSantis

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On March 20, Gov. DeSantis signed into law a bill that would prohibit Florida’s homeless population from sleeping in public spaces, like in parks and on sidewalks. The law also promises to provide the state’s unhoused with better access to services for mental health and substance abuse. DeSantis said that the bill also provides for homeless encampments to be created when the shelters are at capacity.

While working at Walt Disney World would seem like a dream job for many, it is an open secret that cast members are constantly fighting with the Mouse House for better pay. Studies have shown that a large number of Disney cast members have admitted to being food insecure and having to sleep in their cars, even though they had full-time jobs at the parks.

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Last year, hundreds of Disney cast members went on strike, demanding a fair wage. And it wasn’t just in Florida.

Cast members at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and Disneyland Paris also went on strike, fighting for better pay. Disney has always maintained that they pay cast members a fair rate, but the wage increases are not keeping up with inflation and the extreme rise in housing costs.

disneyland paris cast member strike blocks main street

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TikToker Jessica (@tremainetok) is a former Disney cast member and a harsh critic of the company. She has frequently told stories about her time working in the parks. Jessica worked full-time and was not able to afford the rent for an apartment. She said that Disney cast members have been food insecure and struggling with homelessness for decades.


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Abigail Disney — the grandniece of Walt Disney — has also harshly criticized the company. She even created an entire documentary film that was dedicated to exposing the company’s “unfair labor practices”.

Although she is currently backing Disney CEO Bob Iger as he fights to retain control of Disney’s Board of Directors, the two do not have a good relationship. And she had an even worse relationship with now-fired CEO Bob Chapek.

She said that Chapek was the mastermind behind creating an environment where theme park cast members could not get a second job. He also cut costs by cutting cast members — which put more pressure on cast members who remained to do more with less and without a pay increase.

Bob Chapek

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Critics of the new law say that it does not address the most pressing issue — fixing the state’s homeless crisis. Instead, they accuse the governor of wanting to hide homeless people, so tourists continue to travel to the state.

Especially since the bill would allow residents, businesses, and even the state’s Attorney General to file a lawsuit against local governments that allow a homeless person to sleep on public property.

What do you think of Ron DeSantis’s new bill? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The bill specifically says it does not apply to sleeping in a vehicle. Yet, in your article, you state Disney Cast Members have said they slept in their cars. This bill does not apply to them. If they are sleeping on park benches or camping in a park, then it would apply to them. Yes, it is hard to make a living wage doing theme park work, but this is a VERY LOOSE thread you are trying to knot together. The bill is designed to remove “eye-sore” homeless people where the tourists won’t see them, not to tackle the underlying problems that cause homelessness in the first place.

  2. The people of Florida elected the governor & legislature in a Democratic manner. The Governor does not pass laws. The legislature elected by the people passes laws that the Governor either vetoes or signs. Does the writer oppose democracy?
    The law doesn’t affect Disney or cast members directly other than helping Florida be more friendly & safe for tourists— those who read these pages & visit Florida. If cast members are underpaid, that’s not the governor’s fault. That’s Disney’s responsibility. We may all have different political views, that’s OK. Citizens each have a vote. That’s how the system works.

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