Kevin Jonas Speaks out on Drinking at Disney: “That’s Changed Everything”

Kevin Jonas Disney
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When you think of iconic Disney stars of the 2010s, the Jonas Brothers likely come to mind. This trio of singing and dancing brothers took the world by storm and became massive stars on the Disney channel. The band, which included Kevin, Joe, and Nick, became popular among teenagers with hits such as “Year 3000” and “SOS.” The Jonas Brothers also had a successful run with their Disney Channel TV series “Jonas” and their movies “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”.

Eventually, the brothers outgrew the Disney Channel and moved on to other facets of life. All three brothers have begun building families of their own while still continuing to make music with each other.

Jonas Bros

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One thing that has never left the brothers is their love for Disney. Kevin Jonas is notoriously a Disney Adult and took the opportunity to talk about the Parks in a recent interview.

Kevin Jonas: Disney Adult

Kevin and his wife, Danielle, are both loud and proud fans of the Disney theme Parks. The couple, alongside their two adorable daughters, are frequent visitors of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Kevin’s Instagram features numerous social media videos and photos showing his Park adventures.

Kevin is such a Disney fan that he was actually able to pull some strings and stay in Disney’s “Dream Suite.” He recalls that the experience was “a dream come true” for him and his wife.

Kevin Jonas Disneyland

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Drinking at Disney: A Jonas Brother Chimes In

As a true Disney Adult, Kevin also had things to say about drinking at Disney. For many fans, drinking at Disney is a semi-controversial topic. Some fans feel strongly that drinking around children in a theme Park is inappropriate, while others believe that it is fun and caters to adult fans.

Camp Rock

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In an interview on a UKTV show, Lorraine, Kevin said that Disney allowing Guests to drink had been a positive way of making the Parks more desirable for adults. He says,

“What it really comes down to is they’ve let people start to drink now, in Disneyland, and that’s changed everything.”

It looks like this pop star is pro-drinking at Disney… in moderation!

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