Disney Faces Backlash for Turning Their Back on Disney Channel Star

Camp Rock
Credit: Disney Channel

Fans of a former Disney channel star are horrified by Disney’s latest actions.

It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company has a rocky relationship with some of its previous child stars. Disney stars have notoriously acted out and engaged in some dangerous behavior. This phenomenon is known as the “Disney Curse,” and it is a reputation that Disney does not want to have for itself. It seems that Disney is continuing to try and suppress the press coverage of their former Disney stars whose image does not align with the Company’s wholesome values. Now, fans are rioting against Disney’s erasure of an iconic Disney star.

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Credit: Disney Channel

Disney Eliminates Star From 40th Anniversary Montage

On April 1, 2023, the Disney Channel; celebrated its 40th anniversary. The channel has accomplished so much during its 40 years, and the channel has gained generations of dedicated fans. Disney Channel fans feel very attached to the actors that have appeared in their shows and movies over the years. Many Disney characters have gone on to have incredible careers in music or acting, while others have had a rougher experience.

To celebrate its 40th, the Disney Channel’s Twitter account posted a compilation of some of their most iconic Disney Channel stars. This compilation showed them doing the “wand ID” for the channel.

Fans were quick to notice one iconic Disney Star was missing: Demi Lovato. Demi has recently been very open about her struggle with addiction that started during the Disney years. The actress and singer have openly spoken up about how hard it was to be a Disney star as a teenager. Fans of the Camp Rock actress are disappointed that Disney has erased her from their image. Irritated fans sounded off in the comment section of Disney Channel’s post. Hundreds of comments about Demi fill the Twitter post.

Demi Lovato

Credit: Demi Lovato on Intagram

To make matters worse, Disney has been caught trying to delete or mute posts about Demi Lovato. This has angered fans to a whole new level. Demi is releasing a tell-all Hulu Documentary called Child Star, which could be the reason that Disney wants to disaffiliate. For now, fans of Demi will have to wait and see if Disney will offer an apology.

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