Johnny Depp’s First Wife Did Not Hold Back When Discussing Amber Heard

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The infamous defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was followed by millions. Now  it seems Depp’s first wife is speaking out. It turns out that Lori Allison Depp, has some things to say about Amber Heard, and it’s clear that she is not a fan. The 65-year-old makeup artist, who kept his last name when the pair divorced, took to pop culture podcast Popcorned Planet to discuss her thoughts.

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Throughout the interview it was clear that she had the utmost respect for Depp and stated several times that she cried for him during the defamation trial. She also explained that she hadn’t spoken out until now to respect the fact that he’s a very private person. “I probably broke down several times because I felt really bad for him,” she said in the podcast. “He’s very private–which is why I don’t do interviews–and I think for him to come out so wholeheartedly was what he really needed to do.”

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The pair remain friendly with each other, and though they don’t often see each other, they ask about one another through mutual friends. Lori kept up with him during the trial through a friend, Isaac Baruch. Issac told her, “Don’t worry, we’re going to win this,” she went on to say, “I would literally hang up the phone and walk around crying because I was terrified for him,” Lori remembered. “It just broke my heart that somebody could do that to him.”

About Amber Heard Lori did not hold back. “If there were things that I could do to her that were legal, I would do them!” says the former wife of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. “I absolutely would.” She called Heard “horrific” a d said she couldn’t imagine how Heard could do that to him.

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Lori and Depp were only married for two years. The pair met before Depp rose to stardom and despite the relationship coming to an end due to “irreconcilable differences” she says, “I love him to pieces, and I get all goofy-eyed when I think about him and his future, our past. I want nothing but the best for him. Can I say bad things about him? I can say bad things about everybody, but there’s no reason to. He makes normal mistakes as other people do.”

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This sentiment seems to be echoed by Depps other exes including Kate Moss and Winona Ryder. No one from her past has come to Heard’s defense in such force as Depp’s previous lovers have. That is very telling.

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Lori met Heard at a party and said she seemed “really nice” on the surface and added, “And she was gorgeous,” Lori said. “What’s not to love?” They saw each other several times at various social gatherings, and Lori said Heard was charming.

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As time went on, though, she began to notice that all was not as it seemed. He didn’t seem too happy all the time, ” she said, although she didn’t want to jump to conclusions because she wasn’t able to see him a lot. She said she began to hear things about Heard that didn’t sit right with her, and she became incredibly sad for Depp. She then reiterated that she would love to “do things to her” before clarifying that she wasn’t making threats and would never break the law.


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