Former Adult Entertainer Turned Private Investigator Currently Writing Johnny Depp Biography

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After the infamous Depp v. Heard trial, which took the world and social media by storm, the reputations of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard alike have never been the same.

Both reputations have suffered despite the widespread fanbase, good looks, and prowess for performing arts both actors have at their disposal.

While Amber Heard’s reputation has been possibly irreparably damaged, things don’t look much better for Johnny Depp.

Although Depp won his case, the star famous for bringing characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd to life is still suffering the consequences of the defamation trial.

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Things Haven’t Gotten Much Better For Johnny Depp’s Health or Reputation…

For one thing, his partying and substance abuse habits reportedly haven’t shown any signs of slowing, even as the actor ascends into older age. So much so that his friends have reportedly considered staging an intervention for the performer!

For another, a biography containing an inside look at what is undoubtedly highly personal information is reportedly being written. And this biography isn’t being written by just anyone, it’s being written by Amber Heard’s former private investigator, who was allegedly hired to find dirt on the actor for the sake of the defamation trial.

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Former Adult Entertainer Turned Private Eye? It’s True!

This former adult entertainer turned private investigator claims he was fired by Amber Heard after he failed to find any bad conduct on the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Instead, he reportedly found the opposite.

Knowing this, we can infer that this biography, which will reportedly give fans a look into Johnny Depp’s troubled childhood and home life growing up, will likely paint Depp in a positive light.

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How Could This Possibly Go Wrong For Depp?

So, how does that pose as a problem for Johnny Depp? Unfortunately, the writer of this biography doesn’t have a crystal-clear reputation, either.

The former adult entertainer, Paul Barresi, has been accused of being a “Hollywood Fixer,” and has been accused of everything from bribery to threatening to even murder.

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Bribery? Threatening? Murder? What Is the Truth?

Although these accusations have yet to come to light and become public knowledge, we have no doubt that they may very well come to light after the biography is published.

At this time, we don’t know when this book will be published. Reportedly, the title reads, “Depp Declassified: The Hollywood Fixer Who Saved A Pirate’s Booty.”

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