Johnny Depp Reveals He’s Avoided Watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” Movies, Felt “Helpless” While Filming

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We recently reported on some news that would make any Johnny Depp fans crazy with concern.

As it turns out, Johnny Depp hasn’t slowed down at all as he nears old age. At age 60, the star who portrayed Jack Sparrow continues to show signs of substance abuse, according to an anonymous source.

His behavior is so concerning that his friends have been considering staging some sort of intervention for the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

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Johnny Depp’s Mental Health May Be In Crisis Mode

Whether due to the recent defamation case or the pressure to reprise the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp’s mental health has likely been suffering.

Not only that, but Depp’s most recent public appearances have either been canceled due to his health or have left fans bewildered over how unrecognizable he looks.

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It Gets Even Worse…

But the most unfortunate thing about this situation is that, although it seems pretty dire, it also seems that these struggles with mental health are nothing new and may have even been around since the days of the first Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Source Close to Johnny Depp Hints at His Return to DisneySource Close to Johnny Depp Hints at His Return to Disney

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Here’s How the Actor Truly Feels…

In a few different interviews, the actor revealed some of how he truly felt while filming the Pirates movies. Reportedly, he felt so “helpless” that he couldn’t even bring himself to watch the sequels, according to an interview with EW:

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t see them…I did see the first one. I have not seen the second one or the third one.

In a separate interview with GQ, the actor reveals how he truly felt about working with Disney:

Disney hated me. They were thinking of every way they could to get rid of me, to fire me.

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Relive the Glory Days of Piracy on Disney+

Although he has played iconic roles such as the leading man in Tim Burton’s version of Sweeney Todd (2007) and Grindelwald in J. K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts series, it cannot be denied that the man is most well-known for portraying Jack Sparrow, which is why it’s so upsetting to hear the role has left a bitter taste in the actor’s mouth.

If you’d like to relive the glory days, tune in to Disney+ to watch the original Pirates of the Caribbean films.

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