Captain Jack Sparrow Creates Johnny Depp-Ception During Character Interaction

johnny depp as the mad hatter, captain jack sparrow, and. sweeney todd
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Whether discussing both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, character interactions will inevitably come up.

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From exciting attractions to amazing performances, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort have it all. However, the best Disney character interactions in the world can be found in Disneyland Resort.

While Walt Disney World has spacious land at its disposal due to its location, Disneyland Resort has the best pick of budding actors and actresses.

That being said, this particular character performer may be one of the best Disney has ever seen!

johnny depp captain jack sparrow payback disney pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Disney

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One frequent visitor recently posted a video of their favorite Jack Sparrow moments, and it’s easily some of the best character performance we’ve ever seen!

Not only does the fantastic actor look just like Captain Jack Sparrow, but the voice and the mannerisms really sell the performance.


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Although this video is full of different moments with Captain Jack Sparrow, the very first clip is one of the most incredible moments.

The person taking the video asks Captain Jack Sparrow what he’s thinking of dressing up for Halloween.  Although it takes the pirate a moment to answer, he finally responds with two suggestions: a barber and a hatmaker.

johnny depp captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean disney

Credit: Disney

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Those familiar with Johnny Depp’s filmography will understand that these are references to two iconic roles the actor has played in the past: Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2006).

This character performer’s quick-thinking and impeccable improv skills turned a character interaction into a Johnny Depp-ception! This sort of in-person easter egg could only happen at a Disney Park, making it a pretty unique interaction.

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