Jason Kelce Rumored to Be Leaving the NFL for Future at Disney

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Rumors about the retirement of Jason Kelce, the renowned NFL player, have been making the rounds, creating a buzz among football enthusiasts. While speculation about his future in the league continues, some interesting insights have emerged during discussions about his post-football season endeavors.

One notable mention that caught the attention of fans and media alike is Kelce’s plan to visit the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort, accompanied by his beloved wife and their two daughters.

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Swapping Football for Theme Parks

Known for his exceptional skills as a center, Kelce has been an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ success over the years. His leadership, tenacity, and unwavering dedication to the game have earned him the respect and admiration of teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

Kelce’s potential retirement would undoubtedly mark the end of an era for the Eagles, leaving a void that would be challenging to fill.

Looking back at Kelce’s illustrious NFL journey, it’s hard not to marvel at his achievements and contributions.

He has played a vital role in the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl victory in 2018 and has kept the team on a strong path ever since. Kelce’s passion for the game and his unmatched ability to inspire both on and off the field have solidified his status as one of the league’s most respected figures.

Now that the Eagles are done for the season and no longer have prospects for the Super Bowl, many fans are curious about what is next for Kelce during the offseason.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa meet in Princess Fairytale Hall

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Disney or Bust!

In an interview with Eagles Today, Kelce shared that he hopes to watch his brother, Travis Kelce, play in the Pro Bowl later this season. He says;

“It’s down in Orlando, so I get to take my kids and maybe go to Walt Disney World. Not off to the Super Bowl Walt Disney World, but as long as Wyatt gets to see Elsa, I don’t think it really matters. We’ll figure all that out.”

Kelce’s desire to embark on an enchanting journey at the Walt Disney World Resort highlights his intent to focus on family and create lasting memories outside the realm of professional football.

This revelation not only showcases the personal side of the Eagles Center but also underscores the enduring appeal and universal charm of Disney’s magical kingdom.

This year, Disney fans have loved watching Toy Story Funday Football, an incredible animated football game series where fans can watch Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Woody, and more Toy Story characters mesh with regular  NFL media.

Disney Parks fans have been well acquainted with Kelce because of this, which would make his arrival even better.

toy story funday football

Credit: Disney/PIXAR

Fans of Jason Kelce and his family are hoping that Wyatt, his daughter, will soon get her Disney wish to meet Elsa at Walt Disney World Resort.

After Jason’s long and accomplished career, the Kelce family deserves a trip to experience the magic and joy that Disney has to offer.

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