It’s Here! The NEW ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Trailer Is Released by Nintendo

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The Super Mario Bros. Wonder has captivated players since its inception, providing countless hours of entertainment in its whimsical world. For decades, Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the Super Mario Bros. colorful crew of characters have brought joy and entertainment to video game fans.

However, the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie ushered in a whole new demographic of fans. The film, which was released in April of 2023, has once again centered  Super Mario Bros. in the public eye, and the world has been patiently waiting to see what is to come next.

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‘Mario Bros.’ Mayhem Sweeps the Nation

It is clearer than ever that the love for Super Mario Bros. is not dying down anytime soon. When Nintendo set out to make a Mario movie, fans were initially skeptical about how it would turn out. Leading up to the film’s release, the franchise already had a devoted group of fans, most of whom were adults who had intense nostalgia over growing up playing the game.

Plenty of die-hard fans were concerned that an animated feature would tarnish some of the sacredness of the original games. When the initial trailer was released, some backlash was received due to the film’s casting of actor Chris Pratt. Many fans felt that he did not deliver the same energy and sound as the original Mario. With the rest of the cast stacked with celebrity names and talents, many fans feared that the film was more of an advertisement than an homage to the original game and its characters.

However, once the film was released, all of those concerns washed away. The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a certified hit amongst fans and box-office viewers. The film easily surpassed $1.36 billion at the global box office, making it one of the most successful animated features of all time. In addition, the film exposed a whole new generation of fans to the Super Mario Bros., ensuring that the franchise lives on for decades to come.

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What’s Next for the Mario Bros?

Now, fans are eagerly waiting to know what is next. Just a couple of months ago, it was revealed that the WGA strikes in Hollywood had caused some significant delays to a sequel of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. With this prospect off the table, many fans felt discouraged.

However, there will be a new release for Mario Bros., and its trailer has just been published! The trailer for the new game Super Mario Bros. Wonder has just been released on YouTube, and fans are freaking out.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the newest game from Nintendo, and it promises to deliver a larger-than-life 2D gameplay experience on the Nintendo Switch. The game implements many aspects of the original Super Mario Bros. games and will surely be a hit amongst fans.

The new trailer shows what some of the gameplay will look like for players of the game. The lush landscape of the Flower Kingdom sets the perfect backdrop for this game. Players will have the ability to play a variety of characters, including Mario, Luigi, Toad, Daisy, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. No matter which character you choose, the goal will be to defeat the game’s enemies, a.k.a Bowser.

The game will be released on October 20, 2023. It will be fascinating to see if this game is able to reach a similar level of success to The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

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