Is Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Already Taking Over Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain

On January 23, Walt Disney World Resort’s iconic attraction, Splash Mountain, will be a thing of the past. The classic attraction will be undergoing an extensive refurbishment and will reopen in late 2024 as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The change comes as the ride is frequently called out for its negative racial stereotypes, as the ride is based on the problematic movie, Song of the South. Splash Mountain will also be closing at Disneyland Resort to undergo the same transformation, but we do not yet know when that will happen.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney

While Disneyland Resort’s Splash Mountain won’t close for a while yet, it looks as if the critters from the bayou may already be making their way onto the attraction. Just the other day, Disneyland Guest Katie Harnish snapped a photo of a small baby possum sitting alongside the tracks to the ride. The wet possum was wet and looked tired and scared.

Possum Splash Mountain

Credit: Katie Harnish

The possum was uninjured, and Splash Mountain was shut down as Disneyland Cast Members captured and relocated the little guy. After the possum was removed, the ride continued normal operations.

While we don’t have an exact opening date for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, we do have some more details on the new theming and storyline that the ride will have.

The tiara-topped water tower will be emblazoned with the logo for Tiana’s Foods. The community food co-op was established in 1927, according to the new backstory for the attraction.

The new Splash Mountain backstory finds the restaurateur-turned-princess opening Tiana’s Foods following the success of Tiana’s Palace restaurant in the 2009 “Princess and the Frog” animated film.

According to the backstory, the employee-owned food cooperative is housed inside the aging salt mine within the former Splash Mountain with growers planting crops along the waterway that flows around the famed mountain peak. 

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney

We also know that the ride will take place in 1927. Tiana is planning a big party for all of her family and friends. However, as she is preparing for the party, she realizes that she is missing a special ingredient. Guests will board the ride and help Tiana and Luis find that special ingredient that will make the party absolutely perfect.

Disney Dining will let readers know when an opening date for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is announced!

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