Splash Mountain to Close Forever in January

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Credit: Disney Dining

So long, Br’er Rabbit! Disney Parks has just announced that Splash Mountain will close forever at the beginning of the year.

On Friday morning, Disney made the announcement that finally puts an end date to the Splash Mountain attraction, two-and-a-half years after plans for its demise were first made public in late June 2020.

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Splash Mountain Ride | Walt Disney World Resort

Splash Mountain is themed around a problematic Disney film that first debuted in the 1940s, called Song of the South. The film is not available to stream on Disney+, and it was never released on DVD or in 4K as some felt the film could potentially perpetuate racial stereotypes that could be harmful.

Others feel that within the attraction, however, there are no racial stereotypes, as the main character in the film, who is an African-American gentleman, is not featured in the Disney Parks attraction. In fact, he makes no appearance whatsoever during the ride.

Credit: Disney

Still others feel that a total makeover of the Splash Mountain attraction might not be a bad thing, but that it shouldn’t be the first ride reimagined, as other attractions, like the Haunted Mansion ride, present a further-reaching potential for harm as the experience depicts a visual of a suicide.

If you love the ride as it is, and you want to experience it one more time before it’s gone forever, you’ll need to hurry! Buy your park tickets after reserving dates through January 22, as Guests will finally say “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” to Splash Mountain one last time before the exciting water ride closes forever on January 23, 2023.

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