Live Action ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Follows Diversity Trend, Hiccup and Astrid CAST

how to train your dragon hiccup astrid live action cast universal DreamWorks toothless
DreamWorks Animation

Live action remakes have turned into a huge part of the current state of cinematic experiences. The Walt Disney Company has led the way and proved what a cash cow even mildly unsuccessful remakes can be. Disney recently enjoyed a big box office payday with the very popular recent live action release, The Little Mermaid.

Now Universal Pictures is following suit and plans to bring a fan-favorite animated franchise to life on the big screen. That’s right, How to Train Your Dragon fans, those 2010 DreamWorks dragons are coming to a theater near you! The film is still in the very early stages of production, but the two leads have been announced.

how to train your dragon hiccup astrid live action cast universal DreamWorks

DreamWorks Animation

Live Action Astrid and Hiccup Cast for How to Train Your Dragon Remake

The first installment of the How to Train Your Dragon movies hit theaters in 2010 and had a great audience response. A Viking named Hiccup lives on an island frequently attacked by dragons, and he is one of the worst at fighting them. Hiccup manages to capture the adorable Night Fury, Toothless, and their friendship helps bridge the gap between humans and dragons.

In the animated film, Hiccup is voiced by Jay Baruchel. His confident and competitive girlfriend, Astrid is voiced by America Ferrera. Now, two new actors will be stepping into the pivotal roles. Check out who’s been cast!

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how to train your dragon hiccup astrid live action cast universal DreamWorks toothless

DreamWorks Animation

Mason Thames is How to Train Your Dragon‘s Live Action Hiccup

The plucky Hiccup will be played by young actor Mason Thames. Audiences can recognize him from his work in The Black Phone (2021), and a few episodes of the CW’s Walker (2021). Currently 15 years old, his youth sets him up to recur as Hiccup in potential live action remakes of the How to Train Your Dragon sequels. He’s resembles the animated character pretty closely!

How to Train Your Dragon‘s Astrid goes to The Last of Us’ Nico Parker

Nico Parker won over audiences in her short, dramatic time on HBO’s The Last of Us. Disney fans will also recognize her from her portrayal of Milly Farrier in the 2019 live action remake of Dumbo. Nico is a British actress and currently 18 years old. Fans will notice her appearance does not match the blonde animated Astrid, but there has yet to be an outcry reflecting that of Halle Bailey’s casting as Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

how to train your dragon hiccup astrid live action cast universal DreamWorks toothless

DreamWorks Animation

The Hollywood Reporter notes,

The search for the live-action counterparts took many months of looking for actors who could grow into the roles as much as the characters themselves grew into maturity in the movie franchise. The franchise was unique in that each installment made jumps in the age of the protagonists to highlight life events and make it a true “coming-of-age” story.

The film marks Dean DeBlois’ live-action directorial debut, and there is no information about the intended release date.

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