Disney Star Casts Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson As Sulley In Live Action ‘Monsters, Inc.’

Disney has been unashamedly capitalizing on fan nostalgia for their animated classics by making live action remake after remake. From Aladdin (2019), The Lion King (2019), and Beauty and the Beast (2017), to most recently The Little Mermaid and the upcoming Lilo & Stitch, casting has sent the internet into a tailspin after tailspin.

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NOW, I don’t think anyone is speculating that there will be a live action version of Disney / Pixar’s Monsters Inc (2001) (can you imagine the CGI???), BUT BuzzFeed UK did have some fun bringing up the possibility at the London premiere of The Little Mermaid. While the stars lined the red carpet and posed for photos, the BuzzFeed interviewer asked the harrowing question: “Who would you cast as a live action Sulley?”

Who Would These Disney Stars Cast as a Live Action Sulley?

Halle Bailey – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

In a glimmering white dress, the star of The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey answered, “As Sulley? Maybe the Rock?” I mean he’s definitely size qualified, but I’m not sure he’s soft enough to really be right for the role. I just don’t see Sulley ever being ripped. Though one commenter acknowledged a Rock/Sulley and Kevin Heart/Mike Wazowski pairing would certainly be interesting.

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@seasonedbf, TikTok

Jess Alexander – Jason Momoa

Alexander plays the human incarnation of Ursula the Sea Witch. The actresses less than ten minutes on screen have gained wild applause from fans. She answers, “Jason Momoa, in like a big furry suit!” Again, the size is there, and of course the suit will be necessary most likely. Jason Momoa definitely could have a Sulley vibe if he was a little less of a free-spirit.

Daveed Diggs – Idris Elba

Daveed Diggs, the voice of Sebastian the Crab, remarks, “I actually think Idris would make a good Sulley.” I can totally hear Sulley in Idris’ voice! However, again, a little too jacked. What’s with all these people picking ripped actors to play the squishy, floofy monster? Size isn’t all that matters people!

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Gage Skidmore/GabboT, Flickr

Kajsa Mohammar and Nathalie Sorrell – Colin Firth

These ladies play two of Ariel’s sisters, Karina and Caspia, and give a pretty admittedly random answer. Mohammeer says, “I would say Colin Firth as a little side angle.” I guess Colin Firth’s essence could lend to Sulley…but I’m not really seeing it. I think the internet would be unhappy if that casting were announced.

Karolina Conchet – Jack Black

The comments are very much in agreement with Karolina Conchet, who plays Ariel’s sister Mala in The Little Mermaid. I see this too! Jack Black has the size. He has the squishy lovability. But he maybe is just a little too unhinged? Sulley seems a little bit more mature than Black’s Po character in Kung Fu Panda (2008).

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Gage Skidmore/Eva Rinaldi Flickr

Rob Marshall and John DeLuca- Daveed Diggs

Listen I know they’re coming off of directing/producing a movie featuring the ever-talented Daveed Diggs, but let’s face it, Diggs is way too cool to play Sulley. Next!

Jacob Tremblay – John Goodman

Jacob Tremblay, the voice of Flounder, goes the classic route and says, “The original voice actor in a costume I think.” Sulley is originally voiced by legend John Goodman who honestly truly might be as perfect for the live action as he was for the animated. Obviously his voice is spot on AND he’s a big guy!

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ABC7/Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Lorena Andrea – Seth Rogan

Listen now Lorena Andrea (AKA Ariel’s sister Perla) is spot on here. Not because I think Seth Rogan is right for the role, because I don’t. I’d cast someone more wholesome. But something tells me Disney WOULD cast Seth Rogan for some reason. They just would.

Melissa McCarthy – Jim Gaffigan

Starring as Ursula the Sea Witch, Melissa McCarthy wastes no time answering “Jim Gaffigan!!” like she’s been waiting for someone to ask her that question all her life. And you know what, Melissa? I’m here for it. I think that’s the best suggestion short of having John Goodman back himself. Gaffigan did just kill it as Mr. Smee in Disney+’s Peter Pan & Wendy.

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Collision Conf, Flickr/Jim Gaffigan, Twitter

See the full video here!


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Who do you think would be the right fit for the Monsters Inc. part? What about in duo with Mike Wazowski? Remember, the original starred Billy Crystal as Sulley’s (full name James P Sullivan) scarer pal.

They truly are some monster sized-shoes to fill…if Sulley wore shoes, I guess.

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