‘Crumbling Emotionally’: Off Camera Video Of Disney Star Surprises Fans

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Halle Bailey shared some behind-the-scenes content on her Twitter from the production of The Little Mermaid, which was almost three years ago! Today she posted two videos and two pictures of her time on set for Rob Marshall’s live-action remake, which is now the best fan-rated live-action remake from Disney to date.

Halle Bailey’s vulnerability and documentation of her struggles surprised and inspired fans. Apparently, filming The Little Mermaid was much more strenuous than the final cut made it look. From Bailey’s video, it seems it took three whole days of production to film the ‘Part of Your World‘ sequence, and she was feeling the pressure and fatigue of the scene.

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Bailey captioned the first video:

“i found this old video of me i recorded on day 2 of filming part of your world .. face breaking out and all cause nerves lolll happy i have this to look back on”

In the video, she is all geared up for acting on a green (blue) screen. Halle Bailey wears a tight grey fabric cap on her head, with similar bands on her arm, and a purple tank top with motion capture symbols on them. In the editing process, CGI will be used to make her red locs flow as if underwater and add her scaly mermaid attributes. She also wears a multiple buckled harness which is for the wire rigging that will help her look like she is swimming.

halle bailey the little mermaid ariel behind the scenes motion capture cgi twitter video
Halle Bailey, Twitter

Along with dots on her skin, overall, it’s not a comfortable look. Here’s what she confesses to the lens:

So today is a hard day. I’ve been filming ‘Part Of Your World’ for the past two days now. Yesterday was the beginning of the song. We got through the first two stanzas. Today we are getting to the rest of it, and it’s hard. And I am crumbling emotionally because it’s such a desperate plea…and I’m sensitive. And the song is hard to sing, the song is hard to do in general. I’m trying to show every emotion on my face and move the right way I’m supposed to.

The track suddenly starts playing over the loudspeaker before she can get another word in. Her version of the classic song booms in the background. Bailey doesn’t look thrilled and takes a bite of what looks like dehydrated mango, saying, “There you can hear it.”

halle bailey part of your world little mermaid disney parks performance

Halle finishes the video,

But, I just wanted to take a video ’cause I might remember this time and be like, “Oh!” So, that’s that. Bye!

She also shared a picture of Jonah Hauer-King, Prince Eric, cuddled up with a cardboard cut-out version of Ariel and a beautiful shot of herself with Javier Bardem, King Triton, on his last day of filming. Check them out below.

prince eric king triton cardboard little mermaid behind the scenes
Halle Bailey, Twitter

Have you seen The Little Mermaid in theaters yet? It’s out now, also starring Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the Sea Witch and Daveed Diggs as Sebastian the Crab, with original music from Alan Menken and Lin Manuel Miranda.

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