Disney Voice Actors Who Did Double Duty!

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Being selected to be the voice a Disney character has got to be one of the neatest feelings. I mean, can you imagine being Jodi Benson selected to voice such an iconic Disney Princess as Ariel in The Little Mermaid? Some Disney voice actors get their start in the business with the Walt Disney Company, while others are well known voice actors already. Disney and Pixar characters are also voiced by well-known celebrities.

We know that actors like Kristen Bell have made a huge impact on Disney film history for voicing characters like Anna in Frozen. But did you know that there are Disney voice actors who have done double duty and voiced multiple characters? There are. In fact, some celebrities have actually brought several characters to life.

You might be surprised at who has voiced your favorite characters in Disney and Pixar movies. Here are a few of the Disney voice actors who did double duty by voicing multiple Disney characters.

Kristen Bell


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Speaking of Kristen Bell, she’s among the Disney voice actors who have voiced several roles over the years. Of course, she is loved for her role as Anna in Frozen and Frozen II, but she has voiced other Disney and Pixar characters as well. Bell reprised her role as Anna in the Disney Pixar movie Ralph Breaks the Internet.

I was also surprised and delighted to learn that Bell actually voiced Department of Motor Vehicles worker, Priscilla the sloth, in the hit film Zootopia. If you remember this adorable movie, you may recall that Priscilla said only two words. You can read more about Bell’s fondness for sloths and the story of how she landed this movie role, in this article. Let’s just say, given her sloth-love, Bell was a must-have for the voice of Priscilla.

John Goodman


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John Goodman was part of the Disney family long before he first worked as a voice actor. In his well-known role as Dan on the popular 90s sitcom Roseanne, this loveable actor charmed guests as the dad of the show. Roseanne was owned by ABC, part of The Walt Disney Company. In the Disney movie realm, John Goodman voiced classic characters like Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove and even the protagonist role of Sully in the Disney Pixar movie, Monsters Inc.

John Goodman played a supporting role in another Disney movie most people do not know about. Any chance you remember Goodman voicing a character in a Disney Princess movie? That’s right, John Goodman voiced the southern gentleman, Big Daddy LeBouff, in The Princess and the Frog. Maybe I forget about this movie role because his chatty southern belle daughter Charlotte did most of the talking during scenes starring Big Daddy LeBouff!

Jodi Benson

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We’ve already mentioned Jodi Benson’s iconic voice role as Ariel in the 1989 movie The Little Mermaid. Benson’s beautiful voice made the movie’s headliner song “Part of Your World” incredibly popular, and this movie will always remain a Disney classic. But Benson also voiced a reoccurring character in Disney Pixar movies you might not know about. Remember the peppy and fun Barbie that plays with the rest of the toys in Andy’s Room in Toy Story? Yep, Jodi Benson voiced Barbie in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Later on, she stepped back into her role as Ariel in the princess scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Emma Thompson

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In addition to playing in live-action Disney films like Beauty and the Beast (as Mrs. Potts) and Cruella (as Baroness von Hellman), Emma Thompson has lent her voice to animated Disney movie characters. Thompson played Captain Amelia in the 2002 Disney animated science fiction film Treasure Planet. Captain Amelia leads the crew of the ship, the R.L.S. Legacy, in a capable and straightforward way. The other character Thompson voiced is also a strong and capable woman, always ready to take charge.

Thompson actually voiced the prim and proper Queen Elinor in the Disney Pixar movie, Brave. Though Thompson shines in nearly all her work, I think she is especially talented in her role in Brave. In this movie, Queen Elinor perfectly conveys the motherly concern for Merida while remaining at the top of her game running the kingdom alongside the quirky king. It is clear that strong Queen Elinor is the brains of the operation.

Sandra Oh


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You likely know star actress Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang on the hit ABC show, Grey’s Anatomy. But Sandra Oh recently played protective helicopter mom Ming Lee in Disney Pixar’s Turning Red. This movie shows Oh’s character, Ming, as she works through the confusion and emotion of helping her daughter Mei grow up. The movie has been met with criticism from parents, as it dives into generational trauma and teaches lessons about making your own choices and changing during teenage years.

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Before Oh made waves in her role as Ming Lee, she made her Disney voice acting debut on another film. In 2021, Oh played the part of Virana, in Raya and the Last Dragon. Another triple threat, Sandra Oh actually voiced another Disney character way back in 2004…That’s right, she voiced Princess Ting-Ting in Mulan II.

Honorable Mention

Judy Kuhn

Credit: d23.com

As a 90s girl, I was completely obsessed with the 1995 Disney hit, Pocahontas. The movie’s iconic songs were voiced by the talented Judy Kuhn. This movie had all the Disney-crazed little girls wondering what was around the river bend. What did Kuhn do after securing her spot in Disney Princess movie history? She too, went on to work in Mulan II where she provided the singing voice for the eldest daughter of the emperor, Ting-Ting in Mulan II.

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