Here’s Something New: Stroller Alarms At Disney?

Stroller Alarm EPCOT
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Walt Disney World vacations are truly magical events — from experiencing the one-of-a-kind attractions to eating delicious meals, meeting your favorite characters, and buying memorable merchandise. Even though it seems like Disney World is miles away from the real world, sadly, it isn’t, and real-world problems can make their way into the Parks and hotels.

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One real-world problem that Guests can find themselves the victim of is theft, especially if they use a stroller. How many times have you visited a Disney Park and seen a stroller full of things like bags, purses, and merchandise, just left off to the side as the family rides an attraction? Well, it seems that one family is taking an extra step to ensure their stroller — and the items in it — are safe. And their solution is causing quite a stir.

Stroller ban Disney

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TikToker Will (@TravelAgentWilliam) recently visited EPCOT and heard a loud and, frankly obnoxious, sound as he walked near The Seas With Nemo & Friends in the World Nature Pavilion. He realized that the blaring noise was an alarm that was attached to a stroller that a family had left. He then begged other families not to be that “extra”.


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As Will pointed out in the video, attaching an alarm to your stroller can make a hard job for Disney Cast Members even harder. Sometimes, Cast Members have to move strollers and set them up in an organized order somewhere else. It appears that the alarm on the stroller in question was designed to go off if the stroller was moved.

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Comments on the alarm were mixed — many said that they were inspired to get an alarm for their strollers, so they wouldn’t have to worry about theft either. Others noted how sad it was that people couldn’t leave their strollers near a ride for fear that something would get stolen. Others agreed that, while an alarm might make sense in the real world, it did make it harder for Cast Members to do their jobs. One person even recommended hiding an Apple Air Tag in your stroller so, if it is stolen, it can be tracked.


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At this time, Disney does not have any rules against alarms on strollers at Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, or Disney Springs. However, Disney does recommend that Guests do not leave personal items or valuables in their strollers at any time.

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