Guests Receive Online Support After Putting Young Girl in Stroller to Get Her Into Disney For Free

Magic Kingdom
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Most people would not argue that a trip to Walt Disney World Resort is an expensive one. Between the hotel, the food, and the Park tickets, a family will easily spend thousands of dollars during their time at the Most Magical Place on Earth. One-day theme park tickets can range from $109 to a whopping $159 to get into one Park. The more days you book, the cheaper the tickets are, but it will still be hundreds of dollars per person.

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However, there is one group of people that do not need a ticket when visiting a Walt Disney World theme park — children under two. For years, parents have been able to bring their toddlers to the Parks without having to worry about buying them a ticket. As Park tickets increase in price, parents are becoming increasingly “inventive” when thinking of ways to save money on their Disney vacation.

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One woman is going viral for the way that she chose to save on a Park ticket. TikToker @myfrienditsmebarbie shared a video of two women entering the theme park with a baby in a stroller. They scan their passes and walk into the Magic Kingdom. Once inside the theme park, they take the “baby” out of the stroller. It’s then that we can see that the “baby” is not a baby at all. In fact, the child looks like she is about 5 years old.

You can watch the video below:


Poor kid was in an infant car seat #theyaregoingtoknow #disney #onlyindisney #theywillneverknow

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Even though the woman was tricking the system to get her child into Disney for free, her actions were supported by many people in the comments. Many commented that they instructed their kids to lie about their age when they go to Disney — since they are already spending enough money on their vacation.

Another user said that she understands why parents do this, as a lot of kids aged 3 to 5 cannot ride a lot of the attractions because they are not tall enough to meet the height requirement. Some feel that kids should not have to pay so much money to get into the Parks when they can’t go on more than half the rides.

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There were also several people who commented, claiming to be former Cast Members. They said that the Cast Member in the video most likely knew that the child was not under 3, but they are trained not to argue and to just let it go. They said that they thought the Cast Member in the video had a knowing smile, but just did what she was trained to do.

Do you support the woman in the video? Or should she have paid for the child’s ticket?

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