Iconic Disney Attraction For Sale

Disney's Haunted Mansion for sale
Credit: Wikicommons, Zillow

Welcome, foolish mortals…er…I mean prospective buyers! The Haunted Mansion is one of Disney’s most iconic rides and the subject of a brand-new feature film. From its Haunted halls to its ghostly library, this is one fantastic property. Now, it could all be yours! Wait…what?

Disney's haunted mansion for sale

Credit: Zillow, Disney

You read that right. Real Estate website, Zillow, has listed Disney’s Haunted Mansion for sale. The listing states this is a 19th-century Gothic Revival home built in 1823 with 13,185 square feet on a 58,833 square-foot lot. Brimstone fireplaces heat the home, but the listing points out that there is no parking (and urges buyers to run). There is a cemetery in the grounds as well as hot and cold running chills, a rarity in a home of this age.

Disney's Haunted Mansion for sale

Credit: Zillow

According to the listing, the property is located in New Orleans on Bayou Road. It includes a secluded garden which is ideal for strolling with guests (but living and otherwise). They were honest about the property’s ghostly residents saying, “It is important to disclose that this property is indeed haunted, and its inhabitants inflict terror and promise eternal entrapment to all who enter. We are certain that you will find this place irresistible and promise that once you see it in person, you will find it impossible to leave it behind.” Take a look at some of the photos provided by the current owner:

The home  features a grand entryway, and sure, the statues threaten your life, but that just makes coming home an adventure, right? An endless hallway that is perfect for getting your steps in. You can simply keep walking forever. How convenient is that?! There’s a library full of litany works, all penned by ghostwriters, of course. The ballroom is magnificently preserved, and the property even has a dedicated seance room for communing with the spirits you inherit with the purchase of the home. Who knows, your new best friend could be waiting for you to make contact! Our favorite feature may just be the attic. It comes complete with a bride, so single guys, this could be the home of your dreams! Just err…try not to lose your head about it, ok?

Financing is unfortunately not available, but luckily it is priced to sell! This incredible home is easily attainable on any budget. Though we are hesitant to call it “cheap,” anyone can afford it if they wish. If you’re willing to pay the price, you, too, can own this incredible New Orleans home. The cost? Oh. Just your soul. No big deal, right?

This may be one of our favorite guerrilla marketing campaigns Disney has ever done. To promote She Hulk, Disney created a Tinder Profile for Jennifer Walters. That was hilarious, but this one is truly next level. The Haunted Mansion is obviously not for sale, but the listing is very real. You can check it out here.

Disney’s The Haunted Mansion hits theaters on July 28, 2024. The all-star cast and more serious tone of the film means this film is sure to be a hit. We can’t wait to see it. Disney recently had a fan-event premiere that looked positively magical. Due to the recent SAG Actors strike, the film’s stars did not appear on the red carpet, but a (ghost) host of Disney’s most villainous characters showed up to bring a wicked good time.

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