Has Disney Found Its Live-Action Rapunzel? Here Is What We Know About Rumored-Star Avantika

Avantika Tangled
Credit: Disney, @avantika on Instagram

There have been rumors of a live-action adaptation of Tangled for years, and while there has not been an official announcement as of yet, fans are still convinced that the film will see completion. For many, the biggest question when it comes to recreating a film as iconic as Tangled is casting for these characters.

With many claiming that Disney is already eyeing talent, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding which actors and actresses will step into the iconic roles of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, and other beloved characters.

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tangled rapunzel

Credit: Disney

Rumored Celebrity Talent for ‘Tangled’ Adaptation

One name that has been circulating in discussions is the talented actress Florence Pugh. Known for her versatile performances in various films, Pugh has the acting chops to take on the complex role of Rapunzel, bringing a fresh perspective to the character while staying true to the essence of the beloved princess. Other names that are being thrown around include Sabrina Carpenter, Dove Cameron, and Meg Donnelly.

Another key casting decision that has generated interest is who will play the charming rogue Flynn Rider. Many fans have expressed their excitement at the possibility of Zachary Levi reprising his role from the animated film in the live-action remake. However, other names like Milo Manheim and Tom Holland have also been included in the mix.

However, this casting lineup has indeed been shaken up after rumors began circulating that Mean Girls star Avantika was being considered for the role. One X account even claimed that Avantika and Milo Manheim were being screen-tested in the roles.

Controversy Erupts Over Casting Rumors

The alleged auditioning of Avantika, who is an Indian-American actress, signifies another effort by Disney to uphold its commitment to diversity and representation in its projects. This potential casting could be a reflection of the studio’s dedication to casting actors from a variety of backgrounds to authentically bring beloved characters to life in this highly anticipated production.

However, not all fans feel so thrilled about this possibility. Even though these rumors have not been confirmed, the young actress is already facing criticism similar to the kind that Halle Bailey received when she was selected to play Ariel. Some fans believe that Disney’s diverse casting approach is insincere and does not pay tribute to the animated source material.

Flynn Rider Tangled

Credit: Disney

As of now, it seems that any future of a Tangled live action is still up in the air. With no formal announcement made and numerous other live-action remakes in Disney’s production pipeline, it may be a while before we see this film come to life once more.

What do you think about these casting rumors?

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  1. Matthew Brewster

    Whoever they pick to play Rapunzel, she will have to wear the world’s longest wig, which must be BLONDE!!

  2. This is why Disney just needs to stop making movies. Its going to flop. The die hard Disney kiss Ass loyalists that eat up everything that Disney puts out on the table will think the movie is the greatest movie ever.

  3. The person picked to play Rapunzel should be like the Rapunzel character, white, blonde. Disney Company needs to stop this BS, changing what our beloved Disney character look like, STOP IT all ready. No one wants it, confusing kids with this diversity crap. Mr. Walt Disney is turning in his grave seeing.

  4. Maura Hilaria Carles

    I have no issues with new actors from other countries or born here getting ahead in the movie, acting industry. What I do NOT agree with is on changing our beloved Disney character to serve a woke narrative of diversity, this is WRONG. Disney needs to stop this BS, keep our Disney characters as they are, you want to use a person in a Disney movie, make a freaking new movie, leave the Character Mr. Walt created, he is turning in his grave, I’m pretty sure he would NOT change anything to satisfied this woke diversity crap, he would probably just create a new Disney character if needed to satisfy the BS going on today. DISNEY COMPANY, YOU NEED TO STOP THIS BS, NO ONE WILL PAY TO SEE a remake of a RAMPUNZEL WITH A TAN

  5. Another woke flop if this happens. No one buys a black the Ariel and no one will believe an Indian Rapunzel. Why are white people continually discriminated against. Isn’t there anyone creative at Disney who can make films for black, Indian, etc actresses? Do they not have any new and creative ideas? Oh wait…they do, Tiana. Why don’t we make her white? Seriously this is getting beyond ridiculous.

    not in any way, shape of form look like her. I see a big FLOP HERE!!!

  7. Dear God can Disney not stop the ridiculous casting just for the sake of trying to be diverse. They wonder why the movies are losing money. Seriously. For their sake, I hope they choose Florence. She would be great.

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