SMACKDOWN at Galaxy’s Edge! Altercation Between a Character Performer and a Rude Guest Goes VIRAL

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There was some major drama at Disney this weekend!

Walt Disney World Resort is known for its magical experiences, family-friendly attractions, and impeccable attention to detail. Every year, millions of Guests leave the Parks feeling happy and grateful. However, even the most magical place on earth is not immune to rude Guest behavior. Despite Disney’s effort to maintain a positive atmosphere, there are numerous instances every year where Guests’ actions can spoil the magic.

Bad Guest behavior can mean a variety of different things. It basically encompasses any action that negatively affects the enjoyment of a Disney Park or Resort for other Guests and the Cast Members who work there. This includes but is not limited to disrespectful interactions with Cast Members, failing to follow directions or safety rules on rides, cutting lines, littering, and public displays of aggression or vulgarity. Aggression was certainly on display this Memorial Day weekend when a smackdown between a Character Performer and a Guest turned heads.

Galaxy's Edge

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Show-Down at Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Land

Guests visiting Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on Saturday, May 27, were in for a shocking visual display. A shocking disturbance between a Guest and a Character performer occurred after the Guest displayed some rude behavior. A witness of the event described what went down, saying;

“Kylo Ren smacked phone out of obnoxious lady‚Äôs hand

I was at Hollywood studios on Saturday and saw the most annoying lady run up to kylo pushing his storm trooper escort out of the way and get in his face demanding a picture with her kids. He smacked her phone on the ground and kept walking, it was worth the price of admission. Wish I had it on video. The disrespect people have for the cast members makes me so mad.”

Kylo Ren smacked phone out of obnoxious lady’s hand
byu/rjsutt inWaltDisneyWorld

Fans Back up Kylo Ren

Fans are overwhelmingly siding with the Cast Member in this situation. The behavior of the Guest seemed incredibly distasteful, and it is understandable that that would be very frustrating. Many Guests seem to forget that Cast Members are people with feelings and emotions like everyone else and treating them as objects is unacceptable.

Kylo Ren Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

As of now, no updates or statements from the Walt Disney Company have been provided on the situation. Fans are hoping that no repercussions come for the Cast Member involved.

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