Guest Left Distraught After Brazen EPCOT Robbery

EPCOT pickpocket theft
Credit: Disney

When guests visit the Walt Disney World Resort, they feel like they are stepping into a magical world where nothing can go wrong. And Disney cast members and security work very hard to keep that feeling alive. Unfortunately, there are people who visit Disney World without the best intentions. And one guest recently found that out the hard way.

Instagram user Dani Herrera (@herre_dani) reached out to Inside the Magic to share a scary experience she had when she went to EPCOT with her friends.

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According to Dani, she always carries a bag with her around the theme parks. In the bag, she keeps her wallet, medications, a phone charger, a water bottle, an umbrella, rain ponchos, and a bag of sanitary pads. She said that her bag was always with her. She did not leave it anywhere unattended, and didn’t think that she had really taken her eyes off of it.

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However, that night, when Dani got back to the hotel and began unpacking her bag, she realized something unsettling. Someone had opened her bag and stolen from her. Thankfully, her wallet was on the bottom of the bag and the thief had only managed to take her bag of sanitary napkins. But the incident still left Dani upset.

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Speaking to Inside the Magic, Dani said:

“I never would’ve imagined this would happen. This should be one of the safest places on Earth, but apparently, Disney is not an exception. My boyfriend said he wasn’t surprised because Disney is where you inevitably feel safe and let your guard down. And it’s true, that’s what I did.”

“I was so upset. I felt so stupid. But in the end, I realized who must’ve felt stupid was the thief because he stole my pads.”

“I am traumatized. I couldn’t look at people the same way the next day.”

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Unfortunately, the incident did put a slight damper on the rest of Dani’s trip. She said that, when she went to the Magic Kingdom the next day, she did look at people differently. She was unable to enjoy the parks the way she had hoped.

Dani said that she did not report the incident to Disney security, because the theme park thief only made off with her sanitary pads. However, she decided to share her story as a reminder for guests to be aware. Magic can be stolen anywhere, even at a place like Disney World.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments. 

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