Guests Visiting Disney Have Begun Stealing From Children in an Attempt to Save Money

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It’s no secret that Disneyland Resort is the Happiest Place on Earth…but it could also pass for ‘the most expensive place on Earth.’

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Visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World has become more expensive than ever, leading to high tensions during vacations.

Combine these extremely high prices with the tensions Guests are feeling and the worsening Guest behavior at Disney World and Disneyland, and you can get some appalling stories as a result.

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That being said, this particular story of Guests stealing from fellow Guests (children, even) takes the cake for one of the worst things in the ‘Rude Disney Guest’ saga.

One Guest recently visited Disneyland Resort with his family and found himself fending off thieves while he was there:

For years I’ve left all sorts of valuables in our stroller and never had any kind of issue.

Last week we were celebrating our kids last day of school. As an end of the year treat we got each of our 3 kids a lightsaber […]. We walked out of Battu and parked our stroller with the lightsabers in the bottom basket by Red Rose Tavern and went to ride Snow White .

After the ride, part of our party went to wait in line at Alice, and I took one our little ones to get our waters from the stroller. I noticed our lightsabers were gone, but then almost immediately after realizing they were gone saw the exact 3 colors we bought under the stroller of a family who was standing next to ours. I locked eyes with who I think was the sister of the mom standing at the stroller with our lightsabers and could tell she knew that I knew. I asked if there was any way they accidentally took those lightsabers that were clearly ours. They spouted out a couple of stories of how it was a mistake and gave them back.

In retrospect I probably could have reported them but in the moment I really just wanted to get them back and move on. There’s an added layer to all of this – that my mom passed unexpectedly 6 years ago and once or twice a year I get a gift for my kids that they do not need, but I know my mom would have gotten it for them if she knew they still wanted it. This was one of those gifts so even in the 30 mins we had those it had an emotional aspect to it.

I feel like my kids lost some innocence through all of this, and I feel like I did too. It’s always been reassuring to feel a sense of community at Disneyland that you could leave things and people would respect it. This event will change my behavior at the park in the future and that’s a bummer for me.

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The original social media post can be found here.

Everybody knows that guest behavior has only gotten worse and worse at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, some incidents even resulting in lifetime bans!

But stealing expensive souvenirs from a child’s stroller is a new low. Hopefully, Guest behavior will improve soon before Disney security begins tightening.

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After all, more rules will only make a trip to Walt Disney World and Disneyland less fun and more stressful. Unfortunately, there will always be Guests who push the boundaries, ruining the experience for fellow guests.

While visiting Disney, it never hurts to remember WWMD – What Would Mickey Do? After all, sometimes we must be the magic we want to see in the world.

Do you think guest behavior has gotten worse in the Disney parks? Let us know in the comments!

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