Guest Behavior Reaches New Low at Disney as Dangerous Drugs Are Left Behind Within Reach of Children

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We recently reported on the worsening Guest behavior at Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately, many Guests feel that fellow visitors have begun acting more selfishly, entitled, and less considerate than ever before.

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Every other day, it seems like another group of Guests has gotten into a fight within a Disney Park. Unfortunately, neither Walt Disney World nor Disneyland Resort is safe from the worsening Guest behavior.

However, as bad as rude Disney Guests have gotten, some Guests have reached a new low, as a dangerous substance was found in Disneyland Resort:


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In this video, we can see that a pack of cigarettes, nearly full, has been left on a windowsill in Disneyland Resort.

Cigarettes consist of tobacco, a plant containing nicotine. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug, making it difficult for many to stop smoking once they begin.

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Not only that, smoking cigarettes is risky, as it can lead to many health problems. In short, there’s a reason why nobody under the age of 21 can purchase tobacco products in the United States.

Something as dangerous as cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco products should always be kept out of reach of children. To find a freshly-opened pack of cigarettes within children’s reach at Disneyland is genuinely appalling and indicative of recent Guest behavior.

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If you ever come across a lost tobacco product, it’s best to bring it to a Cast Member who will either dispose of it or keep it in case somebody is looking for it, depending on the product in question.

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