Another Day, Another Guest Entering a Restricted Area Because Rules Don’t Apply to Them

Cars Land Disneyland
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When it comes to the lands at Disney Parks around the world, it’s all in the details. Disney Imagineers think of absolutely everything and leave no stone unturned. They want Guests to truly feel transported to another place and another time. While it may seem like magic allows you to do whatever you can dream of during your Disney vacation, the truth is, you are still in a theme park and need to follow the rules of that Park. Sadly, it seems that more and more often, Guests are forgetting that, throwing rules out the window, and doing whatever the heck they want.

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Recently, Guests visiting Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort noticed yet another Guest behaving badly. Granted, this Guest was not yelling, he was not fighting, he was just ignoring Disney’s safety rules. In this case, he claimed over a guardrail and up onto rocks in Cars Land. From the video, it looks like he was trying to get a picture. Whatever the case, the area was restricted, and he was certainly not allowed to be where he was.

Guest climb rocks Cars Land

Credit: Disney Stuff! TikTok

Video of the climber was shared on the Disney Stuff! TikTok with the video asking if the Guest should be banned. You can watch the video below.


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A lot of users who commented on the video thought that, yes, the Guest should be banned for life. An area is restricted for a reason, and a Guest climbing into an area that is off-limits can be extremely dangerous. One commenter pointed out that, if the Guest got hurt, then they may try to sue Disney when the accident was their fault in the first place.

Others felt that the rock climbing Guest should be kicked out of the Disney Park for the day, but didn’t think that Disney should ban him permanently. Now, Disney does reserve the right to ban Guests who engage in appropriate or dangerous behavior while at its theme parks. However, not every ban is a lifetime ban. Disney can choose to ban Guests for as long as it wants, and truly egregious behavior may result in a lifetime ban.

Guest Smoking EPCOT

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This is not the first time a Guest has been spotted climbing into a restricted area. We also reported on a Walt Disney World Guest visiting EPCOT who climbed down an embankment, so he could smoke a cigarette. Most people may think this might not need to be said, but it seems that we have to. If there is a barrier like a fence or a guardrail, do not climb over it. The barrier is there for a reason, and one of Disney’s main priorities is keeping Guests safe. That job is made harder when Guests put themselves in potential danger for something like a cigarette or a picture.

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