Gone For Good? Haunted Mansion Fails to Reopen After Closure

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When it comes to classic rides, few make it to Disney Parks all around the world. But the Haunted Mansion ride has enough fans to make it happen.

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The beloved Disneyland ride is so popular, it’s been recreated all over the world. From Walt Disney World in Central Florida to Disneyland Paris, there’s a version of this spooky ride from sea to shining sea.

And we can totally see why it’s so popular!

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For one, it’s a far cry from the family-friendly atmosphere the Disney Parks exemplify. The subject matter, which revolves around grisly deaths, rising zombies, and spooky ghosts, is a little darker than you’d expect out of a Disney attraction.

Some of the scenes are more than creepy, they’re downright scary! Yet at the same time, the Haunted Mansion ride is still whimsical and fun enough to be beloved by all who visit Magic Kingdom.

It’s arguably the most beloved ride in Walt Disney World. So, when we reported on its brief closure for refurbishment, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some Guests marked their calendars to plan accordingly.


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As we previously reported, the Haunted Mansion was scheduled for a brief refurbishment from August 7 through August 9. However, as the gates to Magic Kingdom opened, the doors to the Haunted Mansion stayed shut.

At the time of this article’s publication, ¬†the classic slow-moving attraction has been closed all day without any rhyme or reason as to why. According to the My Disney Experience app, the Haunted Mansion is ‚ÄúTemporarily Closed.‚ÄĚ

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That being said, the Cast Members were still seen outside the attraction in their mansionly uniforms. When asked about this attraction’s status as ‚ÄúTemporarily Closed,‚ÄĚ they suggested Guests keep checking the My Disney Experience app for more information and updates.

However, there’s been no sign of ghoulish delights or materialization just yet. For now, the ghosts will not be following any Guests home.

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  1. It closed permanently to make way for a restaurant which will be the most expensive restaurant in the entire park