Disney Star Keeps Entire Pregnancy & Delivery Secret, Announces Birth of Baby Boy This Week

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A Disney star who first started acting at the age of just nine months old announced this week that she’s now a mom herself after giving birth to a baby boy earlier this summer.

From 1987 to 1995, one television sitcom on the Disney-owned ABC network about a widowed sportscaster, his three daughters, and his brother-in-law and best friend dominated the airwaves. The family comedy-drama was funny and heart-warming and followed the story of the Tanner family as they navigated through life, leaning on each other in the good times as well as the challenging times. The show was a favorite among viewers of all ages–so much so that it quickly became one of the top shows of its time, and to this day, it’s remembered warmly by fans who watched it on a weekly basis.

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It was so popular that the cast reunited for a spinoff series on Netflix more than 20 years after the original series ended.

Full House starred the late comedian Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Lori Laughlin, and Andrea Barber. And while most of the main actors and actresses on the show appeared in every single episode of the series, there were two that seemed to stand out above the rest simply because of their ages.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen began acting as babies, as they were cast in the Full House series as Michelle Tanner, the youngest of the Tanner children, when they were just nine months old. Now, at the age of 37, one of the Olsen twins has announced she’s a mom.

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Ashley Olsen and her husband Louis Eisner, whom she wed in a private ceremony in Bel-Air in December 2022, shared the news this week that Olsen gave birth to a son named Otto earlier this summer, though the baby’s exact birthday was not disclosed. Olsen, a fashion mogul, has reportedly kept her entire pregnancy and delivery of her new baby quiet until now, as no news of Olsen’s pregnancy or the birth of her first child had been made public until now.

The Olsen twins starred in Full House until it was canceled in 1995, and their resumes also include a handful of movies, including Our Lips Are Sealed (2000), Winning London (2001), When in Rome (2002), and New York Minute (2004).

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“New York Minute” (2004)/Credit: Warner Bros.

Neither Mary-Kate Olsen nor Ashley Olsen has been involved in acting for years, but they have become very successful entrepreneurs. Per Insider:

The Olsen twins launched a clothing line for girls ages 4 to 14 in collaboration with Walmart in 2004. They launched the line under their joint-owned fashion-and-entertainment company, Dualstar, which they founded in 1993. The Mary-Kate and Ashley collection featured a variety of styles that were emblematic of iconic trends from the 2000s, such as Capri and cargo pants.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched The Row in 2006, soon after dropping out of NYU. The brand, which has an “anti-trendiness” philosophy, focuses on simplicity, quality, and comfort, The Cut reported in 2021. As well as clothing, the brand has designed eyewear, purses, and footwear. The Business of Fashion described The Row as “one of New York’s most high-profile young brands,” highlighting its “relaxed, effortless aesthetic.”

As of the time of this publication, no other details have been released about Olsen’s new baby boy, reflecting the Olsen twins’ admitted affinity for minimalism and privacy in their adult lives.

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