Fuel Up for Your Next Safari at Tusker House Restaurant

Goofy, Mickey, & Lunch
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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an incredibly beautiful and immersive Disney Park that brings Guests into the beauty of nature in various locations from around the world. While spending time in the Disney Park, Guests can travel back to prehistoric times, raft down an Asian river, and even embark on an African safari in the village of Harambe.

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Tusker House Exterior

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The perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable meal before every ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris can be found at Tusker House Restaurant. This table-service location in the village of Harambe invites Guests to dine on a family-style feast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

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Goofy, Donald, & MIckey

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Tusker House Restaurant continues the immersive and rich theming found in Harambe and immediately makes Guests feel as though they have traveled across the world to dine in a marketplace setting. Check-in for the restaurant is located outside near the Dawa Bar, and Guests are then invited to wait to be seated in a quiet and serene patio area that offers up beautiful views of Harambe.

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Once called to be seated, Guests are brought to a doorway that immediately showcases the level of detail and theming that can be found inside, with a display of masks, shields, and other artifacts. Also found at the bottom of the display is a small sign advertising JORODI masks and beads, which is an homage to Imagineer Joe Rhode who was instrumental in the creation and design of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Buffet Area

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Immediately after entering through the main door into Tusker House Restaurant, Guests are immersed in the lively marketplace of Harambe where one room with high ceilings and brightly colored fabrics is used to serve as the main buffet location before the restaurant switched to family-style dining.


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While in this room, Guests can spot references to Harambe’s Safari Orientation Center, the operation that organizes the safaris that leave from nearby Kilimanjaro Safaris. Above in the marketplace area are several offices of workers from the company and Guests can spot signs throughout Tusker House Restaurant that reference the safari schedules as well as Captain Bob’s Super Safaris, a fictional business advertised throughout Harambe.

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Dining Room

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The attention to detail in Tusker House Restaurant is truly incredible, and Guests can spot stone walls with crumbling sections that have eroded over time, bright pops of color, rustic and practical details like canvas used for shades and curtains, and a wide array of authentic artifacts and art work lining the walls.


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There are several dining rooms at Tusker House Restaurant, each with an inviting feel and unique items to look at, and once Guests are settled into their tables they might even spot favorite friends like Donald, Mickey, Daisy, and Goofy decked out in their safari best.

Dining Room

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In addition to the incredible theme and atmosphere, Tusker House Restaurant also features a unique menu that blends American favorites with African flavors and ingredients. Each meal of the day is served family-style, and Guests can dig into hearty portions with the option of asking for seconds of any favorites!


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Before digging into the food options at Tusker House Restaurant, Guests should absolutely check out the unique beverage menu which features traditional soft drinks as well as options like Wild Strawberry Lemonade, Lava Smoothie, Grapefruit Spritzer, and Sparkling No-Jito. Also, available are specialty cocktails like Ngumu Jungle Juice, African Margarita, Tikit Punch, and Lost on Safari.

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Donald & Breakfast

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Breakfast at Tusker House Restaurant begins with an indulgent Pastries Basket packed with fresh-made options like Safari Bread, which features spots to mimic the coat of a jungle beast. Also available are multigrain croissants and croissants served with accompaniments including whipped butter, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and strawberry preserves.


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The main platter served for breakfast at Tusker House Restaurant features fresh fruit with honey yogurt sauce, scrambled eggs, Durban chicken and egg curry, jasmine rice, bacon, sausage, and roasted potatoes. The total stars of the meal that every Guest is sure to love are the classic Mickey Waffles and adorable Simba Waffles.

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Goofy, Mickey, & Lunch

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The lunch and dinner menus at Tusker House Restaurant are identical and begin with a platter of Assorted House-made Breads with hummus, coriander, and mango chutney sauces for dipping. Guests can also begin with African Inspired Salads, including Kachumbari and an Arcadian Green Salad with fresh citrus vinaigrette.


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The entrée platter for lunch and dinner at Tusker House Restaurant features decent portions of Moroccan-spiced Beef, Cape Malay Green Curry Shrimp, Spit-roasted Herb Chicken, and Berbere-marinated Pork, all of which feature bold and delicious flavors that Guests will absolutely want seconds of!

Dining Room

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To round out lunch and dinner, Guests also receive family-style platters of an assortment of sides, including fresh vegetables and accompaniments. Guests can dig into Green Beans with Carrots and Corn, Roasted Potatoes, Jasmine Rice, and a decadent House-made Macaroni & Cheese to create a hearty and satisfying meal for themselves.

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No meal at the Walt Disney World Resort is complete without indulging in a delicious dessert, and lunch and dinner at Tusker House Restaurant are no exception. Guests can enjoy a family-style platter of Animal-inspired Mini Desserts including a layered cake with yellow and black stripes representing a bumblebee, a cupcake with classic Mickey ears in a safari print, and a small pastry with the Tree of Life on top in chocolate form.

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Tusker House Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a can’t miss Disney dining restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort thanks to its combination of an immersive and beautiful theme and a unique menu of family-style platters inspired by the flavors of Africa. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every Guest should be sure to enjoy an unforgettable meal at Tusker House Restaurant.

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