“Frozen” Songwriters Learned About “Frozen 3” the Same Day We Did!

Kristen and Robert Lopez
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Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have given Disney fans some of the most iconic songs of all time. The songwriting pair has become an incredible force in the music industry. They are responsible for some of the catchiest songs of the last 10 years. Their work on films like Coco, Frozen, and Frozen II has earned them Grammy Awards.

Kristen and Robert are huge assets for the Walt Disney Company and especially the Frozen franchise in particular. In a recent interview with Collider, the songwriting duo revealed some shocking news about a conversation they had with Disney before Bob Iger’s Frozen III announcement.

Anna and Elsa Frozen

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Songwriting Due Was Not Consulted About “Frozen 3”

Kristen and Robert are the definitions of a musical power couple. The two songwriters come from a background in Musical theatre in the Broadway scene. Both of them are from New York, and they met while establishing themselves as Musical theatre lyricists. Robert made an early name for himself as a co-creator of the music for Tony-award-winning musicals The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. While Robert and Kristen are talented separately, their best work happened when they came together to collaborate.

Kristen and Robert Lopez

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The pair first started writing music for Disney in 2006, when they wrote the music for the Walt Disney World Resort production of Finding Nemo- The Musical. Their big break would come in 2013 when the pair wrote the music for the smash hit movie, Frozen. This movie earned them both an Academy Award for Best Original Song. This award also made Robert an EGOT winner; the youngest in history. After the success of Frozen, Disney had Frozen II made.

Bob Iger’s Announcement Shocked More Than Just the World

Earlier this year, Bob Iger shocked the world when he announced on one of Disney’s quarterly earnings calls that a Frozen III was going to happen. The world was surprised by this news, as were Kristen and Robert. In an interview with Collider, the duo explained that they were surprised by the announcement alongside the rest of the world.

Frozen 2

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They explain that the Walt Disney Company called the pair on the day of Bob Iger’s public announcement to inform them. Kristen explained, “They told us, the day of, ad a little bit about what they’re thinking. It got us very excited. Now, we have to let the wheels of Hollywood do what they do, but we were very excited by their ideas.”

Fans hope that this means that Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez will return to the third film to provide the world with more hit musical numbers.

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