Is ‘Encanto’ On Track to Become the Next ‘Frozen?’ Should We Let It?

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If you haven’t heard a single song from Walt Disney Animation Studios’s Encanto (2021), we have just one question: where have you been?

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In a short amount of time, Encanto has quickly ascended the ranks and become an instant classic in the Disney Animation canon. It’s such a hit with audiences that many fans wonder if Encanto will become the next Frozen. But this poses a more important question: should we ‘Let It Go’ that far?

Frozen 2

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The first Frozen (2013) film was an instant hit when it debuted. It was met with some criticism, but mostly it was overwhelmingly enjoyed by children and adults alike. A decade later, ‘Frozen Fever’ is still going strong amongst many Disney fans as an attraction, shows, and experiences inspired by the film make their way into Walt Disney World Resort (notably Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios).

Not only that, but Frozen II (2019) captivated audiences and recaptured fans’ interest in the franchise. With the recent announcement of a third film, we can rightfully assume that Frozen isn’t going anywhere.

Even if Frozen isn’t going anywhere, Encanto is definitely catching up.

Encanto Casita

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Although significantly newer, Encanto has quickly found its way into the hearts of many with memorable characters, catchy music by Lin Manuel Miranda, and an emotional story.

As it catches up, Encanto has also been making its way into Disney Resorts. Anywhere from Disneyland Resort’s Disneyland Park to Disneyland Paris, the most iconic inhabitant of Casa Madrigal, Mirabel, has been making appearances. Encanto merchandise can be found all over the Disney Parks, and the company has found many ways to create room for attractions and shows inspired by the film.

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In short, Encanto is following in Frozen’s footsteps…but unfortunately, this may not be a good thing overall.

Although children (and some adults) are still enamored with Frozen, it cannot be denied a vast majority of audiences are ready for something new. If Encanto receives the same treatment as Frozen, audiences may find themselves tired of this whimsical story sooner than they realize.

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