Magic Mirror On the Wall, This Character Interaction Proves The Evil Queen Is the Sassiest One of All

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There’s no doubt about it: the antagonist of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is one of Disney’s darkest villains. She’s incredibly vain, and she has no qualms about murdering her teenage stepdaughter to stay the fairest in all the land.

That being said, she’s a delight when you get to meet her at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Park!

Evil Queen Snow White

Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney Company has a talented knack for taking the evilest villains imaginable and making them super fun to talk to during character meet-and-greets.

This is done by highlighting the villains’ most entertaining traits and using humor to undermine how frightening they are in the film so they can appear non-threatening to younger children.

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The Evil Queen is an excellent example. Instead of appearing as a frightening, cackling witch, the Evil Queen appears in Disney Parks as her beautiful, regal self.

Her vanity is played up in order to make Guests laugh, and her interactions with children are anything but unpleasant.


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In this video, Aurora, the titular Sleeping Beauty (1959), and the Evil Queen are walking along, interacting with Guests as they pass. The Evil Queen makes a point of making ridiculous faces as she silently (and not-so-silently) judges the Guests’ horrid fashion senses.

Before the video ends, the Evil Queen comments, “Peasant, trying to look better than me?” As she turns to the camera, she finishes the interaction with confidence, declaring, “It’s not going to work!”

disneyland california sleeping beauty castle

Credit: Disney Parks

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The Evil Queen can be found in Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland near Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and “it’s a small world.” She can also be seen by Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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