This Disney Park’s Gaston Is Super Flirty and We Are Totally Here For It

If you’ve ever experienced a character meet-and-greet or interaction at Walt Disney World, you’ve probably noticed that the actors and actresses are slightly out of character. Whether meeting someone like Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, or an iconic Disney Princess, sometimes the character’s personality can seem a little off. 

It’s not laziness on the performer or Walt Disney Company’s end of things! In fact, it’s actually more like due diligence. 

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The slight out of character-ness is actually for the Guest’s benefit. For example, Alice from the movie Alice In Wonderland (1951) is a know-it-all who, as it turns out, doesn’t know much of anything! But instead of interacting with a bratty know-it-all, Guests visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort get to interact with a sweet girl instead.

Peter Pan never wanting to grow up is regarded as charming, but in actuality, sometimes he can be a little jerk in the film! But when you experience a Disney character meet-and-greet with him at a theme park, he’s just a silly boy instead!


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But for the most part, it’s the villains whose personalities are altered. After all, nobody wants to interact with murderous, jealous, misogynistic meanies at Disney World! As a result, Gaston is a fan-favorite Disney villain for character meet-and-greets despite being one of the most-hated villains.

Guest visiting Magic Kingdom’s Gaston’s Tavern (located in New Fantasyland), attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (also located in Magic Kingdom), or experiencing Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash love to meet villains such as Gaston.

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At Disney Parks, Gaston is an overly boastful showboat, and Guests love it! He’s also super flirty and is known to make Guests quite flustered. Across the world, in Disneyland Paris, things are no different.

One Guest recently visited the theme park and captured a video of Gaston emerging for character meet-and-greets with the charm dial turned up to 11.


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♬ son original – B l o n d i e ✨ B i r d

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As he approaches, Gaston asks which “lucky lady has come to meet Gaston” before singling someone out with a suave, “Well, hello there.”

As Gaston leaves to get to the designated meet-and-greet spot, he reminds Guests, “Remember, ladies! I’m not here to save lives; I’m here to steal wives, you know what I’m saying?

It’s an incredibly quick moment, but it’s enough to remind Guests to be careful the next time they visit Disneyland Paris. If you’re not paying attention, Gaston may steal your girl!

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